Academic Institution Consortium Membership Information

Academic Institution Consortium Membership is designed for teaching and research institutions to make the TGIF database available in support of their research, teaching and extension purposes, including curricular access for student use. The TGIF database is very useful in support of programs in Landscape Architecture and Design, Horticulture, Parks and Recreation Facility Operations, Grounds and Landscape Management, Sports Management, Geography, Water Resources, Environmental Policy, Urban and Regional Planning, Irrigation Engineering, Urban Greening, and of course, is the best there is in Turfgrass Science.

An "Academic Institution 'Toolbox'" is available for turf scientists, professionals, and students to help communicate with your institution about joining the Academic InstitutionĀ Consortium, includingĀ a four-page description of TGIF content. (pdf)

TIC offers Perpetual (best value and easiest) Academic Institution Consortium Memberships or Annual Extended Trials. A short-term single user, password-authenticated trial logon for review purposes can be provided upon request.

Academic Institution Consortium Membership (PDF)

Academic Institution Consortium Membership includes:

Reproduction and material re-use rights

The MSU Libraries do not hold copyright to any digitized or full-text content associated with the Turfgrass Information File, including scanned, born-digital, harvested, or OCR-text versions. Copyright for content remains with the original or assigned holder, and any material re-uses, beyond fair-use, must be negotiated directly with the current copyright holder. Please read our disclaimer.