Rating Scale from
Golf Course Design: An Annotated Bibliography with Highlights of Its History and Resources
by Geoffrey S. Cornish and Michael J. Hurdzan
Letter Category
F Feasibility - the nuts and bolts of how and why someone determines to build a golf course, and where.
D Design - the actual design process and related topics
C Construction - how the golf course is built
M Maintenance - turf grow-in and upkeep, together with a historical look at outdated methods.
H History - insights into the past that impacted on course design, including events and people involved.
P Personalities - in-depth, up-close and personal information concerning people important to golf and course architecture.
T Travel - information for guiding the golf traveller to golf experiences.
Number Meaning
1 Of some value
2 Good information, but not profound
3 Valuable information
4 Very important reference
5 A definitive source