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The Need for Your Support

"Ensuring that the literature of turfgrass will be collected, organized and made available to students, researchers and practitioners is what the Turfgrass Information Center is all about. The Campaign to Endow the Center is designed to guarantee that this work will be maintained in perpetuity. This is a critical endeavor that deserves the support of  everyone associated with the world of turfgrass."

Clifford. H. Haka
Director of MSU Libraries, home of the Turfgrass Information Center

The campaign will provide the financial resources to ensure the ongoing operation of the Turfgrass Information Center. The continuation of the Center, and the Turfgrass Information File database that it produces, is critical for the following reasons:

  • TIC activities continue an ongoing 35+ year effort to collect, inventory, and provide access to the literature of turf science and turf culture, with TGIF serving as the ONLY bibliographic database that exclusively targets these areas. Click here for a database content comparision.

  • TIC directly supports turfgrass research. Most turfgrass scholars depend on TGIF as their primary resource for identifying turf-related literature of the past and present.

  • TIC and TGIF directly support improved turf education, including certificate, technical, undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs for practitioners, such as golf course superintendents and sports turf managers.

  • TGIF provides access to better information, which converts to more effective management of turf facilities, whether athletic fields, golf courses, or other managed landscapes.

      #7 hole at Pebble Beach, Monterey, California, 1952           University of Michigan Stadium, 1947

The bottom line is that in an era of increasingly restricted chemical use and water availability, an ever-wider range of techniques and tools will be needed by managers to respond to user expectations. The TIC is the vehicle by which the information required to support research, education and management is made available for all of these efforts. Without your support, there is a risk that this established and essential resource could disappear. Support the campaign to endow the TIC and guarantee the continuation and expansion of the informational underpinning for the world of turf management.

Support the Turfgrass Information Center and Turfgrass Information File today!

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