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Additional Information on Using Power Search to Limit Searching to Selected Journals

The SCODE ("serial code") for any journal is a simple, consistent abbreviation to isolate a set of records from a specific journal or group of specific journals. Normally, the SCODE follows through title changes, so it overcomes that complication (for example. both On Course and The Bull Sheet search as scode=BULLS).

Thus, scode=AGRON searches all articles which have appeared in Agronomy Journal. Alternatively, scode=(AGRON OR CROPS) identifies articles which have appeared in either Agronomy Journal or Crop Science.

Normally SCODE searches are used as a limiter with another search, eg.: A=THROSSELL AND scode=NRLSE. The TIC 'Serials Monitored' list includes most of the commonly used SCODES in the TGIF database, but there are more than 3,700 serials which appear in the database! Please also remember that we selectively index most titles, with a very few exceptions (like USGA Green Section Record). In other words, not all articles in Crop Science are listed in TGIF, rather only those judged potentially relevant to turf science, turf culture, or turf professionals.

Please also remember that we may not own a particular issue of any of the periodicals, or we may not have processed it yet into TGIF (particularly for older materials). You can in fact help us acquire issues we may not have. Please see the Journals/Serials monitored by TIC list to identify specific periodical SCODEs.

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