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Honor the Past and Help Serve the Future!

There are still a number of gaps in the physical and online Collections that need to be filled. It is only through the cooperation of those interested in turfgrass research and management that TIC continues to receive back issues, new titles, and is kept on the mailing lists for the latest volumes or editions.

Do you have printed materials relating to turf culture that need a new, public, home? Can you help contribute to the legacy of a great turf agronomist and provide a known library where scientists, professionals, scholars, and students can have access to the great tradition of reporting in turf science? Please donate those reports, books, papers, and magazines to the O.J. Noer Memorial Turfgrass Collection or the James B Beard Turfgrass Library Collection. Publishers, click here for more information on the possibility of providing access to your materials online through TGIF.

O. J. Noer Memorial Turfgrass Collection

A bookplate will be affixed inside the front cover of each item retained for the Noer Collection or for the Beard Collection. Also, TGIF database records will be created for materials as they are processed, making them "once again known" to the turfgrass community. Items already appropriately held will be made available to other institutions and professional associations to build their collections, thus strengthening the collective access to the turf science "body of knowledge."

Items donated to the Collections are tax-deductible to the extent of the law. Please see TIC's "Gift in Kind Valuation and Intent Form" which provides the bases and further information about gifts which will be claimed for tax purposes. We reserve the right to dispose of out-of-scope, beyond-affordable preservation, or excessive duplicate items.

The following are partial listings of materials currently needed to further "complete" the O.J. Noer Memorial Turfgrass Collection. Please note that these listings are incomplete and constantly changing. Therefore, what you may have to donate may not be listed. This does not mean that we might not want it! In addition, a wide variety of information "types" are represented in the TGIF database. While the bulk of the databases consists of the material types listed below, turfgrass resources in various other formats may be needed as donations. Please refer all questions about donations to Pete Cookingham. Thank you. Your continued support in building the Collections is greatly appreciated.

Types of Needed Materials

Articles, Books, Reports, Booklets, etc.:
View Publishing dates: Up to 1941
View Publishing dates: 1942 to 1972
View Publishing dates: 1973 to 1984
View Publishing dates: 1985 to 1992
View Publishing dates: 1993 to Present

Needed Whole Issues of Magazines, Journals, and other Periodicals (=Serials)
Theses and Dissertations

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