Academic Institution Consortium Membership Information

Academic Institution Consortium Membership is designed for teaching and research institutions to make the TGIF database available in support of their research, teaching and extension purposes, including curricular access for student use. The TGIF database is very useful in support of programs in Landscape Architecture and Design, Horticulture, Parks and Recreation Facility Operations, Grounds and Landscape Management, Sports Management, Geography, Water Resources, Environmental Policy, Urban and Regional Planning, Irrigation Engineering, Urban Greening, and of course, is the best there is in Urban Grassland and Turfgrass Science.

TIC offers Perpetual Academic Institution Consortium Memberships or Annual Extended Trials. A short-term single user, password-authenticated trial logon for review purposes can be provided upon request. PerpetualĀ  Memberhip to TGIF is the best value option - libraries innately understand that the Perpetual option is a great deal and makes everyone's life easier, and because it can often be considered a one time purchase rather than a recurrent expense it may even be easier to pay for! Click here to see the list of academic consortium members.

An Advocacy Toolbox is available for turf scientists, professionals, and students to help communicate with your institution about joining the Academic InstitutionĀ Consortium.

Academic Institution Consortium Membership (PDF)

Academic Institution Consortium Membership includes:

  • A 5 simultaneous-user license. Users have unlimited, unmetered online use. IP authentication is used to manage the access.
  • Access to all associated full-text resources hosted by the Center (see:
  • For hands-on training or instructional sessions, a short term license "bump-up" of the campus-wide logon is possible.
  • Other consortium membership benefits (pdf).

Short Term "License bump-ups" for Instructional/Training Sessions

Please notify TIC at least one week in advance if you would like to use this option for instructional or training purposes (by phone (517) 353-7209 or e-mail: )

  • The number of simultaneous users cannot exceed 25.
  • The machines used for the training/instruction must be in the defined IP range for the institution.
  • It would be very helpful to call us prior to the event (or earlier the same day) just to be sure that everything is running smooth from both sides.
  • A 2-page "Getting Started with TGIF" handout (pdf) which can be useful in orientation sessions.
  • We would also suggest that you incorporate into your training the following points:
    1. Use on-screen navigation buttons in preference to browser controls when inside the database engine.
    2. You may wish to incorporate some of the elements on the "Hints for Searching & Frequently Asked Questions" materials with your trainees.