Advocacy Toolbox

Provided here are some resources to help engage your academic institution, business, or organization about the benefits of a TGIF database membership. Apart from its affordable nature, TGIF is not different that any other subscription-based dataset, and we hope that these materials will help demonstrate TGIF's usefulness. The library at your institution, workplace, or campus is probably very familiar with the concept of what a members-only database is, as well as the mechanics of arranging campus-wide access, including off-campus users, proxy server setups, etc.

In your discussions with your board of directors, fellow members, colleagues, or academic institution, consider referencing these materials to show the advantages of a TGIF membership, including materials relating to the 'why' of TGIF, and consortium membership forms.

  1. Two-page color handout on TGIF including benefits and costs for perpetual consortium membership (pdf)
  2. TGIF overview description
  3. TGIF database search specifications 
  4. Extent of TGIF processing table
  5. Comparison of turf coverage -- TGIF vs. several other databases and Google Scholar. This is specifically in response to the, "We already subscribe to resources in support of our turf programs," reaction.
  6. List of serials monitored to produce TGIF
  7. Outline of academic consortium membership features
  8. Academic consortium membership form (pdf)
  9. Full-text journals available through TGIF (both public and restricted-access)
  10. Getting Started with TGIF Guide (pdf)
  11. What is in TGIF? (pdf)
  12. Ten TGIF Basic Search Tips (pdf)

Libraries may be particularly interested in items #1, and 5 above, as they are written to them as an audience. Libraries also like to hear about full-text bundling , and the increasing levels of this within TGIF, which now includes full-text archive journal sites, historic monographs, turf-related theses & dissertations, images, and more!