Noer Collection Material Locations

MSU turf materials can be "stored" in several different "locations", with varying security, access, circulation, preservation, and storage requirements. If items are described as "cataloged", it means that the item (or journal title, in the case of serials) has a record in the MSU Libraries' online catalog, MAGIC. If items are described as "circulating", it means that the item may be "checked out" by a person with an MSU Library bar code or borrowed via Inter-Library Loan.Ā TGIF database records indicate these specific locations, regardless of whether the item is "cataloged" or not.

Locations include:

  1. Cataloged books and bound journals, shelved using the Library of Congress (LC) classification system, and located primarily (but not exclusively) in the SB433... Call No. range in the basement of the Main Library. This includes the bulk of the Noer Collection.
  2. A cataloged, non-circulating, core collection of many turf monographs and older serials is maintained as an archive collection within the Turfgrass Information Centerā„¢. These are non-circulating but may be used within TIC.
  3. Cataloged rare and/or valuable historic books, which are LC classified and located within the Libraries' Special Collections unit, in the basement of the West Wing. These materials may have highly restrictive use policies associated with them.
  4. Normally uncatalogued items, including reprints, pamphlets, fact sheets, etc., filed sequentially by TGIF record number in the "Vertical File-Sequential" within the Turfgrass Information Center (TIC) on 3-West of the Main Library.
  5. Limited duplicate runs of some turf periodicals, as well as, uncataloged (usually incomplete) serial runs, are filed in the "Vertical File - Periodical" in the Turfgrass Information Center.
  6. Oversized (cataloged and uncataloged) periodicals (like Golf Course News), mostly on newsprint, which are housed in the Turfgrass Information Centerā„¢ (Vertical File-Oversized).
  7. Most "current" magazine issues will be located in the Periodical Reading Room (PRR) on 2-West. These are the "loose issues", filed alphabetically by title in slots, which are held here until they are ready to bind. They cannot leave the building.
  8. World Wide Web documents are found on the Web at the indicated URL as of the date showing with the URL. If the TGIF record has an "X" listed with "TIC Vertical", then there also is a printed copy filed by TGIF record # in "Vertical File-Sequential".
  9. MSU Theses and Dissertations are filed alphabetically by author, and are shelved separately in the basement of the West Wing. Non-MSU theses and dissertations will be in category AĀ above, with the "regular" turf materials.
  10. Special format items, including slides, videos, software, etc., which are stored (as appropriate) within the Turfgrass Information Center.
  11. Uncataloged turfgrass organization-specific files, which can include pamphlets, etc. This is called the "Vertical File-Organizations" and is filed alphabetically. It is in the Turfgrass Information Center.

Most materials in categories B, D, E, F, H, J and K may be used within the Turfgrass Information Center Facility. Some materials in categories A, G, and I, which includes the majority of the Noer Collection, are available for use (if not already checked out or in use) during the Main Library's open hours (normally about 110/week - more before/during finals, less during semester breaks). Current Main Library Open Hours.

These various "locations" are indicated within the TGIF record for an item. If there is no "TIC Vertical" information, Web Internet location (URL), or "Call No." listed in the "entire record" form of a TGIF record, then MSU does not (yet) own the item. For example, copies of many non-MSU theses/dissertations are not (yet) a part of the Noer Collection. Your help is needed to obtain these materials! If you can help, please see our page on helping to increase access to turfgrass materials.