Press Releases

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July 7, 2014:Ā The Noer/MilorganiteĀ® Image Collection Launches (pdf)

June 28, 2012:Ā TGIF Crosses the 50% Threshold for Full-Text Availability (pdf)

October 22, 2010:Ā Grau Materials Find a Home at Michigan State Turf Library (pdf)

November 14, 2005: Electronic Back-File of International Turfgrass Bulletin now Available

January 16, 2004: Michigan Electronic Library

July 16, 2003:Ā Dedication of the James B Beard Turfgrass Library Collection

February 14, 2003:Ā Electronic Back-File of Journal of Turfgrass Science now Available

February 14, 2003:Ā TORO Foundation Supports Turfgrass Information Center at Michigan State University