Current TGIF Database "Degree of Processing Completion" Approximations

The table below shows an approximate current status on the processing for the various "Turf Stuff" that is indexed in the TGIF database. It provides an idea of what has been accomplished and where more work is still needed.

Updated: May 2015

TGIF Content Coverage 1895-1941 1942-1972 1973-1984 1985-1992 1993-Present Overall
USGA Turfgrass Publications Almost All All All All All All
Turfgrass Books Most Most Almost All Almost All Almost All Almost All
Refereed Turfgrass Articles Almost All Almost All Almost All Almost All Almost All Almost All
Turfgrass Theses and Dissertations Most Most Most Most Almost All Most
Annual Turfgrass Research Reports   Some Many Many Most Many
Turfgrass Conference Proceedings   Some Many Many Most Many
Trade Magazine Turfgras Articles Some Some Many Most Most Most
Professional Association Turfgrass Articles Some Some Many Most Most Most
Extension Turfgrass Publications Some Some Some Many Many Many
Turfgrass Newsletter Articles     A Few Some Many Many
Popular (Public) Turfgrass Articles     A Few Some Some Some
Website Turfgrass Articles         Many Many
Number of TGIF Records 10,750 30,250 27,500 32,200 154,800 255,500


Retrospective Processing

Reaching into the past to help ensure future generations of turf researchers and managers can utilize the knowledge of those who have gone before them, TIC will continue the work to include within TGIF materials predating the birth of TGIF in 1984. Between 2003 and 2008 the Toro Foundation supported this work and we estimate that it is about 70% complete. See our Retrospective Processing Prospectus and help us finish this job! (pdf) In this way, the complete publication record of turf science will someday be accessible through TGIF.

See also a comparison of select turfgrass-related publications indexing.