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Thumbnail: Conf. GroupTurf Conference Group Edmonton Alberta; U. of Alberta Can. 3/31/5303/31/19533569
Thumbnail: Brass including Noer, Mascaro, & JuskaVisiting Speakers Alberta Turf Conference; Edmonton Alberta 3/31/5303/31/19533570
Thumbnail: Group including KnowlesAlberta U. Staff On Turf Program; Edmonton Alberta 3-31-5303/31/19533571
Thumbnail: View-Bow River & CourseBow river & golf course; Banff Can. 9/23/5409/21/19544757
Thumbnail: T-bench & markerTee bench & marker on tee; Banff G.C. Can. 9/23/5409/23/19544758
Thumbnail: Williamson & Old Time Sod-CutterOperating sod cutter "old timer"; Banff Can. 9/22/5409/23/19544759
Thumbnail: Williamson & Old Time Sod-CutterSod cutter old timer; Banff Can. 9/23/5409/23/19544760
Thumbnail: #2 from T#2 par 3 138 yds.; CC of Calgary Man Can. 9/24/5409/21/19544761
Thumbnail: #8 G#8 par 3 22 yds. close-up: G.; CC of Calgary Man. Can. 9/24/5409/24/19544762
Thumbnail: #18 from T#18 blue grass; CC of Calgary Man. Can. 9/24/5409/21/19544763
Thumbnail: Darrah, Wilson, Morrup, etc. on GExperts on #18 G.; CC of Calgary Can. 9/24/5409/24/19544764
Thumbnail: View snowmold trial GView snowmold trial G.; C.C. Calgary Canada 9/24/5409/24/19544765
Thumbnail: Grainy Virginia bent GGrainy virginig bent on #18 G.; CC of Calgary Can. 9/24/5409/24/19544766
Thumbnail: Morrup & 18" Root profile of GDeep roots in G.; Calgary CC Can. 9/24/5409/24/19544767
Thumbnail: Morrup & 18" Root profile of GGood roots in G.; Calgary CC Can. 9/24/5409/24/19544768
Thumbnail: Prairie Wool grass in roughPrairie wool grass in R; Calgary 9/24/5409/24/19544769
Thumbnail: Prairie Wool shows seed headClose-up of prairie wool; Calgary 9/24/5419/24/19544770
Thumbnail: #18 from A#18 par 4 approach; Mayfair CC Edmonton Can. 9/25/5409/25/19544771
Thumbnail: Supt. on good K. Blue FSupt. on good blue grass F.; Mayfair CC Edmonton 9/25/5409/25/19544772
Thumbnail: Cart marks & wear beside GCady cart marks & wear beside G.; Edmonton CC Alberta 9/25/5409/25/19544773
Thumbnail: View of Univ.Univ. of Alberta; Edmonton Can. 9/25/5409/25/19544774
Thumbnail: View of Univ.University of Alberta; Edmonton Alberta 9/25/5409/25/19544775
Thumbnail: Group on bent nurseryField day group bent grass nursery; U. of Alberta Edmonton 9/24/5409/24/19544776
Thumbnail: Group on bent Practice GField group on test practice G.; U. of Alberta Edmonton 9/25/5409/25/19544777
Thumbnail: Good Fescue K. Blue lawn-KnowlesFescue - B.G. Lawn Union Bldg. 65%. F & 35% blue gross; U. of Alberta Edmonton 9/27/5409/27/19544778
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