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No Image Available[Golf green with delineated bent grass strains; trees in the background]1957 05W2496
No Image Available[Image of fairway from bottom of a hill, seperated by water hazard; trees and sand bunkers leading up the hill]1957 05W2498
Thumbnail: Verticut on GVerti-cut Mower For Thatch Removal; Lehigh C. C. Allentown Pa 2/5302/19533543
Thumbnail: Verticut on G Harrison & WeissOperating Verti-cut On Polycross Bent Nursery; Lehigh Allentown Pa 2/5302/19533544
Thumbnail: Verticut ScarfaceSurface After Using Verti-cut on Polycross Bent Nursery; Lehigh C. C. Allentown Pa. 2/5302/19533545
Thumbnail: #13 from T#13 167yds; Lehigh Allenton Pa. 7/15/5707/15/19576837
Thumbnail: #7 from T#7 225yds; Lehigh Allentown Pa. 7/15/5707/15/19576838
Thumbnail: Miss where spray nozzles cloggedMiss Where Spray Nozzles Clogged; Lehigh Allentown Pa. 7/15/5707/15/19576839
Thumbnail: Rotary hoe on FRotary Hoe; Lehigh Allentown Pa 7/15/5707/15/19576840
No Image AvailableRotary Hoe on F - Drastic on turn7/19576841
Thumbnail: Rotary hoe damage - sharp turnRotary How Rips Bent F.; Lehigh Allentown Pa. 7/15/5707/15/19576842
Thumbnail: Rotary hoe damage - sharp turnRotary Hoe Damage Close-up; Lehigh Allentown Pa. 7/15/5707/15/19576843
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