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Thumbnail: Turf on StadiumTurf on Football Field, Stadium, Bluegrass; Univ. Mich Ann Arbor Mich May 12, 194705/12/19471429
Thumbnail: #16 Par 3#16 Hole Par 3 Double Green; Univ-Mich Ann Arbor 6-4706/19471446
No Image AvailableLocalized dry spot profile9/19471488
Thumbnail: Gas burn mower on GGasoline Burn on Green Leaky Carborator Power Mower; Univ. Mich. G. C. Ann Arbor 9-5-4709/05/19471489
Thumbnail: Excessive heat thins turfExcessive Heat Wave Thins Turf Football Sta.; Univ. Mich. Ann Arbor 7-4807/19481694
Thumbnail: #16 par 3#16 Par 3 Hole Large Green; Univ. Mich Ann Arbor 7-4807/19481695
Thumbnail: Univ. Band 1-hr/day 10 days kills turfWear On Blue Grass Turf Univ. Band 1 hr. Practice per Dy. 10 Dy.; Univ. Mich. Ann Arbor 9-24-4809/24/19481744
Thumbnail: Univ. Band 1-hr/day 10 days kills turfBadly worn Blue Grass Turf Univ. Band 10 Da. Practice 1 hr. per Da.; Univ. Mich. Ann Arbor09/23/19481745
Thumbnail: Tarp on Athletic FieldTarpaulin Cover On Football Field; Univ. Mich Ann Arbor 11-13-5011/13/19502316
Thumbnail: Tarp on Athletic FieldCanvas Cover On Football Field Stadium; U. of Mich. Ann Arbor Fall, 195019502317
Thumbnail: View of Stadium from StandsView; Univ. of Michigan Spring '5119512491
Thumbnail: Line between new blue & old bent turf[Line on stadium's sports turf between new bluegrass sod and old bentgrass-infested sod]19512492
Thumbnail: Line between new blue & old bent turfLine Between Blue Sod and OldBent Infested Turf; U. of Michigan Ann Arbor Spring '5119512493
Thumbnail: View from stadium floorU. of Mich. Ann Arbor Spring '515/19512494
Thumbnail: Stadium from StandsStadium; U. of Mich Ann Arbor 5-23-5305/23/19533845
Thumbnail: Old Bent infested turf vs. new blue sodOld Bent New Blue; U. of Mich 5-23-53 Ann Arbor05/23/19533846
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