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Thumbnail: Chart: bent evaluation Exp. GChart-Bent Evaluation Exp. Green; C.C. Athens Ga. 2/20/5902/20/19598577
Thumbnail: Phusical & chemical analysis Ecp. GChart Physicaly Chem. analysis; C.C. Athens Ga. 2/20/5902/20/19598578
Thumbnail: Goldthwaite, Latham, Warnecke Exp. Bent GGoldthwaite, Latham, Warnecke inspect Bent Green Plots; C.C. Athens Ga. 7/16/5907/16/19599168
Thumbnail: Construction of Science CenterConstruction of Science Center U. of Georgia; Athens 5/5905/19599689
Thumbnail: R.Solani on Cohansey bent no smoke ringR.Solani on Cohansey Bent No Smoke Ring; Athens C.C. 195819589691
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