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No Image Available[Fairy Ring control excavations on a green at the Druid Hills Golf Club, Georgia, 1955]1955 04 14W1372
No Image Available[A lawn and ornamental gardens at the Biltmore Hotel in Atlanta, 1955]1955 04 04W1720
No Image Available[Mowed green with two men standing off to the side by golf hole]1957 04W2462
No Image Available[Three men standing in front of sand bunker on golf fairway]1959 05W3142
Thumbnail: Winter (rye)  Summer (Bermuda) Dual G.Dual greens - winter Rye (left) and summer Bermuda (right) (East Lake Golf Course, Atlanta, GA - January 7, 1939)01/07/193970
Thumbnail: Winter (rye)  Summer (Bermuda) Dual G.Dual greens - summer Bermuda (left) and winter Rye (right) (East Lake Golf Course, Atlant, GA - January 7, 1939)01/07/193971
Thumbnail: U.S.G.A. Experimental Pie G bent grasses#4 Experimental Green Bent Grasses; East Lake Atlanto 1/8/4101/08/1940585
Thumbnail: Slide Title not availableCultivating Top Of New Green; Peach Tree CC. Atlanta 5/4805/19481597
No Image AvailableSnap Valve - F. Sprin Kling System Rob T. Jones Jr.; Peach Tree CC Atlanta 5/4805/19481598
Thumbnail: #1 Bent G on right Rye on left#1 Bent Lt. Rye & Bermuda Rt.; Capitol City Atlanta Ga. 2/15/5202/15/19522915
Thumbnail: Dual greens form ADual Greens At East Lake; Atlanta G. C. 4/24/5204/24/19523011
Thumbnail: Dual greens from A - Machinery ShedDual Greens & New Machinery Shed; East Lake Atlanta 4-24-5204/24/19523012
Thumbnail: Semes on burn on GSemes On Burn Bermuda G. Carelessness Fall Before; East Lake Ga. 4/24/5204/24/19523013
Thumbnail: New Machinery ShedMachinery Shed; East Lake Atlanta Ga. 4/25/5204/25/19523014
Thumbnail: Dual Greens - one bent - one rye#1 G. Bent Alternate Rye For Winter Wide Angle; Capital City Atlanta 4/25/5204/25/19523015
Thumbnail: Dual Greens-105Dual Greens 105mm; Capitol City Atlanta 4-25-5204/25/19523016
Thumbnail: Dual Greens-50Dual Greens 50mm; Capitol City Atlanta 4-25-5204/25/19523017
Thumbnail: Practice G lawn at entranceP. G. Lawn Entrance; Capitol City Atlanta 4-25-5204/25/19523018
No Image AvailableDual G - Practice G lawn - Delmonte on #1G Beckett-Weed?4/19523019
Thumbnail: Weed in bent GWeed In Polycross Bent Green; Capital City Atlanta 4-24-5204/24/19523020
Thumbnail: Camellias bloomCamellias; Atlanta Ga. 1/21/5301/21/19533518
Thumbnail: Camellias bloomCamellias; Atlanta Ga. 1/21/5301/21/19533519
Thumbnail: Camellias bloomCamellias; Atlanta Ga. 1/21/5301/21/19533520
Thumbnail: #9 Bent G Pop Beckett#9 Bent G. Fore. C-1 C. Seaside Back - Pollycross; Capital City Atlanta Ga. 1/21/5301/21/19533521
Thumbnail: #1 C-1 & 19 G Pop Beckett#1 Bent Grass G. Mix C-1 & C-19 H. H. Beckett; Capital City Atlanta 1/21/5301/21/19533522
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