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Thumbnail: Tee renovated & stolonized was crabMilars. & Stolonized Tee - All Crabgrass Before; Five Farms Baltimore 10-16-4810/16/19481766
Thumbnail: Untreated tee mostly weedsCrabgrass Bad Turf Thin on Untreated Tee; Five Farm C. Baltimore 10-16-4810/16/19481767
Thumbnail: 100# Milorg. & 50# Vertagreen on #16 GReid used #100 Mil. & 50# Vertagreen #16 G.; Baltimore 6-2-5106/02/19512495
Thumbnail: 2-Elms planted same time one got water & Fert.Two Low Elms Planted At Same Time 1 Got Water & Fert. 2x; Five Farms Baltimore 6/2/5306/02/19533855
Thumbnail: C-1 & 19 plugs in Poa GBent Plugs C-1 & C-19 Mix In Poa Annua on G.; Five Farms Baltimore 6/2/5306/02/19533856
Thumbnail: Bermuda ApproachBermuda Grass South Slope Approach; Five Farms Balt. MD 6-2-5306/02/19533857
Thumbnail: Reid on alternate strips U-3 and MerianRied In Alternate Strips Of Merion And U-3 Berm.; Suburban Baltimore 6-2-5306/02/19533858
Thumbnail: McCormick liquid Fert. on this GMcCormick Liquid Fert. On This G.; Baltimore 6/2/5306/02/19533859
Thumbnail: Milorg. & Vertagreen on this G100# Mil. And 50# Vertagreen on Fert. Green; Suburban Balt. MD 6-2-5306/02/19533860
Thumbnail: ? from AApproach To Green; 5 Farms Balto Mo 6/24/5706/24/19576790
Thumbnail: ? from AGolf Hole Approach; 5 Farms Balto Mo. 6/24/5706/24/19576791
Showing items 1 to 11 of 11.