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Thumbnail: S. Fla. Supt. GroupS. Florida Supts; Boca Raton 4/22/524/22/523001
Thumbnail: Mark Mahana Tees offMahannah Tee's off; Boca Raton 4/21/5204/21/19523002
Thumbnail: The Mahana foresomeThe Mahannah Foresome; Boc Raton 4/21/5204/21/19523003
No Image AvailableJacobson Turf Dethatcher9/196311554-A
No Image AvailableJabobson Turf Dethatcher Side; Royal Palm Boca Sept. 196309/196311555
No Image AvailableJacobson Turf Dethatcher; Royal Palm Bocaraten Sept. 196309/196311556
No Image AvailableKnives In Sacobson Dethateher; Royal Palm Boca Sept. 196209/196311557
Thumbnail: Vertical Mowing Unit on Jake TriplexVertical Mowing Unit on Take Triplex; Royal Palm Boca Raton Fla. 5/4/7105/04/197112258
Thumbnail: Yuzzi & Jacobs inspect Jake VerticutYuzzi + Jacobs Inspect Jake Triplex; Royal Palm Boca Raton Fla 5/4/7105/04/197112259
Thumbnail: Close-up G after Jake TriplexClose-up: Green After Jake Verticut; Royal Palm Boca Raton Fla 5/4/7105/04/197112260
Thumbnail: Tropical Shaving Brush TreeShaving Bruch Tree; Boca Raton, Fla. 5/4/7105/04/197112261
Thumbnail: Tropical Shaving Brush TreeTropical Flowering Tree; Boca Raton Fla. 5/4/7105/04/197112262
Thumbnail: Lake Dye Treated PondSalt grass Pucimmellia distans; S. Coast Sta Calit 3/22/7203/22/197212398
Thumbnail: Close-up Lake Dye Treated PondClose-up lake dye Treated Pond; Royal Boca Raton Fla. 4/18/7204/18/197212399
Thumbnail: Palm tree Lifter.  Cost $41 Load to Dump $3 for Man's TimePalm Tree Lifter. Cost $41 Load To Dump #3 For Man's Time; Royal Palm Boca Raton Fla 4/18/7204/18/197212472
Thumbnail: Bermuda one off Type strain Throws SeedheadsBermuda One Off Type Strain Throws Seedneads; Royal Palm Boca Raton Fla. 4/18/7204/18/197212473
Thumbnail: Bermuda off Types on ApproachBermuda Off Types On Approach; Royal Palm Boca Raton Fla 4/18/7204/18/197212474
No Image AvailableLake Dye Treated Pond at Clubhouse4/197212475
Thumbnail: Edge of Lake Dye Treated PondEdge of Lakes Dye Treated Pond; Royal Palm Boca Paton Fla. 4/18/197204/18/197212476
Thumbnail: Mascaro At Lake Dye Treated LakeMascaro At Lake Dye Treated Lake; Royal Palm Boca Raton Fla 4/18/7204/18/197212478
Thumbnail: Lake Dye Treated PondLake Dye Treated Pond; Royal Palm Boca Raton Fla 4/18/7204/18/197212480
No Image AvailableKnives in Jacobson Turf de thatcher; Royal Palm Boca Raton Sept 196309/196313503
Thumbnail: Jacobson Turf DethatcherJacobson Turf delhatcher; Royal Palm Boca Raton Sept 196309/196313504
No Image AvailableSide View Jacobson Turf dethatcher; Royal Palm Boca Sept 196309/196313505
Thumbnail: Jacobson Turf Dethatcher in operationJacobson Turf Dethatcher In operation; Royal Palm Boch Sept 196309/196313506
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