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Thumbnail: Merion LawnMerion B.G. lawn 17,000 Ft. 1 ton lime. 300# 6-10-4 53 bales peat 80# seed per A.; Erdman Bridgevillle Pa. 8/11/5408/11/19544652
Thumbnail: Merion LawnMerion B.G. uneven fert.; Erdman Bridgeville Pa. 8/11/5408/11/19544653
Thumbnail: Merion LawnMerion blue lawn close-up; Erdman Bridgeville Pa. 8/10/5408/10/19544654
Thumbnail: Merion Lawn Brown PatchBrown patch merion B.G. lawn; Erdman Bridgeville Pa 8/10/5408/10/19544655
Thumbnail: Flower BorderFlower border along drive to garage; Erdman Bridgeville Pa. 8/11/5408/11/19544656
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