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No Image AvailableK.Blue good lime line 1934 open - Thatch vs.. open Spoons6/19544457
Thumbnail: Pierson more K. Blue limed line 1934 openLime used June 1934 benefits grass 20 years later lime lines placed around greens; USGA open at Brookline 1934 June 9 195406/09/19544458
Thumbnail: Thatch spoons plug vs. cores open spoonsThatched spoons plugged in R.; C.C. Brookline Mass 6/9/5406/09/19544459
Thumbnail: Thatch spoons cleaned after use in sandClean thatch spoons after use in sand; C.C. or Brookline Mass. 6/9/5406/09/19544460
Thumbnail: Kelty & Finerty on Meyer Zoysia TMeyer zoysia tee kelty + finerty; CC of Brookline 10/31/5510/31/19555676
Thumbnail: Lime line response after 21 yrs. KeltyLime response of 10 years ph H. 5 us. 5.5 lime applied June 1934; Country Club of Brookline John Kelty Oct. 31, 195510/31/19555677
Thumbnail: Kealty shows Poa going out in FPoa going out; C.C. Brookline Mass. 7/22/5807/22/19588003
Thumbnail: Kealty shows 20-6-4 vs. Milorg20-6-4 ot : Milorg. at 6# N: Total : 3# N Total; C.C. Brookline Mass. 7/22/5807/22/19588004
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