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No Image AvailableAl Schardt in ho-made Toro Runabout5/1941706
No Image AvailableBroadleaf control 2,4-D in F7/19471454
Thumbnail: Active leaf spot #18 GActive Leaf Spot Virulent #18G.; Buffalo N. Y. 5/12/5305/12/19533833
Thumbnail: Active leaf spot #18 GCross Aerify - Lime Potash Mil Leaf Spot G.; Buffalo C. C. N. Y. 5.12.5305/12/19533834
Thumbnail: Active leaf spot #18 GLeaf Spot Injury On G.; Buffalo C. C. N. Y. 5/12/5305/12/19533835
Thumbnail: Aerify, Verti-cut & mowing GAerify Verticut & Mower On G.; S. Shore Buffalo 5/12/5305/12/19533836
Thumbnail: Verti-cut & after AerifierUse Verticut After Aerifier; S. Shore Buffalo 5/12/5305/12/19533837
Thumbnail: Verti-cut & mowerVerticut 7 Mower; South Shore Buffalo 5-12-5305/12/19533838
Thumbnail: Turf after Aerify & Verti-cutAerifier First Then Verticut; S. Shore Buffalo 5/12/5305/12/19533839
Thumbnail: Turf after Verti-cut & mowerVerticut & Mower After Arrify.; S. Shore Bffalo 5/12/5305/12/19533840
Thumbnail: Snowmold scar uncovered by verticutSnow Mold Scar Uncovered After Verticut; S. Shore Buffalo 5/12/5305/12/19533841
Thumbnail: Active leaf spotActive Leaf Spot #18G.; Buffalo C. C. N. J. 5/12/5305/12/19533959
Thumbnail: Active leaf spotClose-up: Leaf Spot #18G.; Buffalo C. C. N. Y. 5/12/5305/12/19533960
Thumbnail: Active leaf spotLarge Area On G. Damaged By Leaf Spot; Bffalo C. C. N. Y. 5/12/5305/12/19533961
Thumbnail: Active leaf spot aerified & verti-cutAerifier - Verticut G. with Leaf Spot; Buffalo C. C. N. Y. 5/12/5305/12/19533962
Thumbnail: Active leaf spot wet soilWet Soil In Leaf Spot Area #18G.; Buffalo C. C. N. Y. 5/12/5305/12/19533963
Thumbnail: Home made G spikerGreen spiker ho-made; Dunlop CC Buffalo 195419544440
Thumbnail: Veronica in lawnVeronica In Lawn; Eaton, Buffalo N.Y. 4/30/6204/30/196210795
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