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Thumbnail: Group at Field DayTopdressing G. E.J. smith field day; Coral Ridge Charlotte NC 9/19/5509/19/19555558
Thumbnail: Verti-cut bermuda G before seeding ryeVerticutting bermuda before seeding rye grass; Coral Ridge Charlotte NC 9/19/5309/19/19535559
Thumbnail: Par Thatcher on Bermuda G before seeding ryeMack parsons verticut for G. mower; Coral Ridge Charlotte NC 9/19/5509/19/19555560
Thumbnail: Seeding rye winter grassSowing rye grass for winter G.; Coral Ridge Charlotte NC 9/19/5509/19/19555561
Thumbnail: Rye seed on GRye grass used on green; Coral Ridge Charlotte NC 9/19/5509/19/19555562
Thumbnail: Rye seed on G close-upClose-up: Rye grass on G. 40#/m; Coral Ridge CC Charlotte NC 9/19/5509/19/19555563
Thumbnail: Matting rye into bermudaMatting rye grass seed into bermuda; Coral Ridge Charlotte NC 9/19/5509/19/19555564
Thumbnail: TopdressingTopdressing for covering rye grass seed. close-up; Coral Ridge Charlotte NC 9/19/5509/19/19555565
Thumbnail: Filling Topdressing machineFilling topdressing; Carol Ridge Charlotte NC 9/19/5509/19/19555566
Thumbnail: Williams Topdressing machineTop dresser; Coral Ridge Charlotte NC 9/19/5509/19/19555567
Thumbnail: Topdressing after seedingTopdressing after seeding; Coral Ridge Charlotte NC 9/19/5509/19/19555568
Thumbnail: Matting top-dressingMatting topdressing after seeding; Coral Ridge Charlotte NC 9/19/5509/19/19555569
Thumbnail: Winter seeding completedSeeded + topdressed G. after rye seeding; Coral Ridge Charlotte NC 9/19/5509/19/19555570
Thumbnail: E. J. Smith Field DayE.J. Smith Field Day Tifton 328 Green; Myers Pk. Charlotts 9/23/5609/23/19566437
Thumbnail: E. J. Smith Field DayE.J. Smith Field Day 328 G. Conf. Group; Charlotte C.C. 9/23/5609/23/19566438
Thumbnail: Wayne's nurseryWayne Smith's Nursery; Charlotte C.C. 9/23/195609/23/19566439
Thumbnail: Dowfume demonstrationE.J. Smith Field Day Dowfume Demonstration; Charlotte NC 9/23/5609/23/19566440
Thumbnail: DSMA kills goose & sedgeDSMA Kills Goose + Sedge W. Smith Nursery; Charlotte N.C. 9/23/5609/23/19566441
Thumbnail: DSMA kills goose & sedgeGoosegrass Controlled With DSMA W. Smith Plots; Charlotte N.C. 9/23/5609/23/19566442
Thumbnail: DSMA kills goose & sedgeDSMA Kills Goose Grass Close-up; Wayne Smith Charlotte 9/23/5609/23/19566443
Thumbnail: Wilted 328 Planting MaterialWilted 328 Planting Material; 8/6008/196010011
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