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No Image Available[View of fairway with several hills, one which has a hose over it, and trees in the backround]1967 04 02W2541
No Image Available[Three men stand in a grass nursery; field is divided by black hose; trees in background]1957 04 02W2602
Thumbnail: Old shedDid Soil Shed; Surperant Clinton Mass. 8/15/5908/15/19599108
Thumbnail: New shedOttice To right Equip. Shed Behind; Surperent Clinton Mass. 8/15/5908/15/19599109
Thumbnail: Supplementary shedSupplementary Storage Shed; Serperent Clinton Mass. 8/15/5908/15/19599110
Thumbnail: New shedStorage Shed; Surperent Clinton Mass. 8/15/5908/15/19599111
No Image Availableshed, equip. cart8/19599112
Thumbnail: Interior of shedEquipment shed Interior; Surperent Clinton Mass. 8/15/5908/15/19599113
Thumbnail: Grant Equipment CartGrant Cart ready To move; Surperant Clinton Mass. 8/15/5908/15/19599114
Thumbnail: Grant Equipment CartGrant sprinkler and G mower cart; Surperent Clinton Mass. 8/15/5908/15/19599115
Thumbnail: Spray to clean Equip.Spray for Cleaning equipment; Surperent Clinton Mass 8/15/5908/15/19599116
Showing items 1 to 11 of 11.