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Thumbnail: Brome grass in flowerBrome Grass in Flower; Colorado Springs 7-15-4107/15/1941770
Thumbnail: Western wheat grass Brome behindWestern Wheat Grass; Brome Behind; Colorado Springs 7-15-4107/15/1941771
Thumbnail: Western wheat grassWestern Wheat Grass; Colorado Springs 7-15-4107/15/1941772
Thumbnail: Motel from across lakeBreadmoor Hotel From Across Pond 50mm; Col. Springs 10/21/5210/21/19523452
Thumbnail: Motel from across lake 105Breadmoor Hotel From Across Pond 105mm; Col. Springs 10/21/5210/21/19523453
Thumbnail: Swimming poolSwimming Pool; Broadmoor Colo. Springs 10/21/5210/21/19523454
Thumbnail: #8 from T new 9#8 Broadmoor C. C. New Nine Par 3; Colorado Springs Colo. 11/21/5211/21/19523455
Thumbnail: #12 from T new 9#12 Broadmoor C. C. New Nine Par 3; Colorado Springs Colo. 11-21-5211/21/19523456
Thumbnail: Shelter House of glass brick Tutt, Haines & WilsonShelter House Of Glass Blocks; Broadmoor Col. Springs 10/21/5210/21/19523457
Thumbnail: Clubhouse - Garden of GodsClubhouse - Garden of Gods; Colo Spr. Colo Aug. 196408/196411793
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