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Thumbnail: Compost Pile[Compost pile showing layers of soil and manure]05/19/19512461
Thumbnail: Compost Pile chickweed kill 2,4-D[Compost pile showing killed chickweed]05/19/19512462
Thumbnail: Merion Seed & Rhizomes Orville Young[Orville Young and Merion seed & rhizomes]05/19/19512463
Thumbnail: Merion Nursery seeded after lifting sod[Close-up of Merion bluegrass nursery seeded after lifting sod]05/19/19512464
Thumbnail: Merion Nursery from rhizomes Orville Young[Orville Young and Merion bluegrass nursery new growth from rhizomes after lifting sod05/19/19512465
Thumbnail: Merion Nursery recovery from rhizomes[Rhizomes and recovery at nursery after removing Merion sod]05/19/19512466
Thumbnail: Spring kill on Poa Sod. A. 1#/ASpring Kill - Poa Annua Sod. Ars. 1# per A.; Morraine C. C. Dayton O. 5-19-5105/19/19512467
No Image AvailableSpring Kill on Poa in F - Sod. Ars. 1#/A5/19512468
Thumbnail: Iron chlorosis Temp. GIron chlorosis temporary green; Miami View GC Dayton 8/22/5508/22/19555511
Thumbnail: Specimin Cherry in bloomSpecimin Cherry In Bloom; Walnut Grove CC Dayton 5/7/5605/07/19565908
Thumbnail: Earl Schook & T-Split in middle for cartTee Split Down Middle For Cart Path. Earl Schock; Community G.C. Dayton 5/8/5605/08/19565920
Thumbnail: Pao resisted by bent in GPoa Resistance By A Vigorous Strain of Bent; Community GC Dayton 5/8/5605/08/19565921
Thumbnail: Flowering trees line FFlowering Trees Edge F. Close-up; Community GC Dayton 5/8/5605/08/19565922
Thumbnail: Blue Grass FBlue Grass Fairway; Miami Valley Dayton May 11 196505/11/196513615
Thumbnail: Cal. Ars. treated FCalcium ars. To treated Fairway; Miami Valley Dayton May 11 196505/11/196513616
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