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Thumbnail: Bahia grows in outfieldBahia Grass Outfield; Dundin, Fla. 195119512489
Thumbnail: Portable sprinkler on baseball fieldPortable Sprinkler Baseball Field; Dundedin Fla. 4-19-5204/19/19522981
Thumbnail: Bermuda best in wind blown clumpsBermuda Best In Wind-blown clumps in sand; Oundedin Fla. 4-19-5204/19/19522982
Thumbnail: Pennywort in GPennywort In G. 2-1 Ring; Nat. P. G. A. Dunedin Fla 3/17/5303/17/19533551
Thumbnail: June beetle on G surfacejune Beetle On surface; Nat P.G.A. Dunedin Fla Apr. 17, 195304/17/19533591
Thumbnail: Young cutworms on GYoung Cut Worms From Green; Nat. P.G.A. Dunedin Fla 4/17/5304/17/19533592
Thumbnail: #8 F before improvement#8F. Before Inprovement Toward Tee; Nat. P.G.A. Dunedin Fla, 4/20/5304/20/19533676
Thumbnail: #8 F before improvement#8 Toward G. - Before Improments; Nat. P.G.A. Dunedin Fla. 4/20/5304/20/19533677
Thumbnail: #14 before rebuilding 50#14 par 4 before rebuild; Nat. PGA Dunedin Fla 4/23/5404/23/544345
Thumbnail: #14 before rebuilding 105#14 par 4 before rebuild; Nat PGA Dunedin Fla 4/23/5404/23/19544346
Thumbnail: #9 Gene Tift overall#9 G. Gene tift bermuda overall; Nat. PGA Dunedin Fla. 4/23/5404/23/19544347
Thumbnail: #9 Gene Tift near#9 Gene tift bermuda near view; Nat. PGA Dunedin Fla 4/23/5404/23/19544348
Thumbnail: #9 Gene Tift close-up#9 G. Gene tift bermuda close-up 2-1 ring; Nat PGA. Dunedin Fla. 4/23/5404/23/19544349
Thumbnail: Auto whell damage #16 GAuto wheel damage rye and bermuda; Wat. PGA Dunedin Fla. 4/23/5404/23/19544350
Thumbnail: #11 F before renovation#11 F. before renovation and fertilization; Wat. PGA Dunedin Fla. 4/23/5404/23/19544351
Thumbnail: Sedge in Gene Tift GSedge in #3G. of gene tift 2-1 ring; Wat PGA Dunedin Fla 4/23/5404/23/19544352
Thumbnail: Sedge in Gene Tift GSedge-water grass natural growth not cut; Wat. PGA Dunedin Fla 4/23/5404/23/19544353
Thumbnail: Sedge in Gene Tift GSedge-water grass natural grwoth 2-1 ring close-up; Wat PGA Dunedin Fla. 4/23/5404/23/544354
Thumbnail: Pennywort in #17 GPennywort #17 G. overall view; Wat PGA Denedin Fla 4/23/5404/23/544355
Thumbnail: Pennywort close-upPennywort close-up of leaf stem from center of leaf; Wat. PGA Dunedin Fla 4/23/5404/23/434356
Thumbnail: Bahia in outfieldBahia grass outfield baseball; Ball Park Dunedin Fla 4/23/5404/23/19544357
Thumbnail: Bahia in outfield sparse open growthSparse open growth bahia outfield; Ball Park Dunedin Fla. 4/23/5404/23/19544358
Thumbnail: Bahia single plantBahia grass-single plant from outfield; Dunedin Fla Ball Park 4/23/5404/23/544359
Thumbnail: Gene Tift dying on GBad gene tift -G. dying; Nat. P.G.A. Dunedin Fla. 8/5/5408/05/19544617
Thumbnail: Soil layers in GSoil Layers in Green; PGA Danedin Fla. 4/9/5904/09/19598605
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