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No Image Available[Tree sprouting in middle of fairway; two men circl tree in carts]1957 10W2702
Thumbnail: #11 G Fine Leaf Bermuda mowed too high#11G. fine leaf bermuda mowed too high; El Paso CC Tex 10/7/5510/07/19555646
Thumbnail: Paul Prieto on seaside practice GPaul Prieto, super. practice G.; Ascarate GC El Paso 10/8/5510/08/19555647
Thumbnail: Fluffy seaside GFluffy Seaside Bent G.; Muni El Paso 10/4/5610/04/19566461
Thumbnail: Aerified seaside G - ExpertsAerified Bent G.; Muni El Paso 10/4/5610/04/19566462
Thumbnail: Flowering water plantsFlowering Water Plants; El Paso CC Texas 10/5/5610/5/19566463
Thumbnail: Slide Title not availableTifgreen C328 Close Up in green; El Paso CC Tex. 10/5/5610/05/19566464
Thumbnail: Tifgreen Stolons328 Bermuda Stolons; El Paso CC 10/5/5610/05/19566465
Thumbnail: Poor uneven FPoor Uneven F.; El Paso CC Texas 10/5/5610/5/19566466
Thumbnail: Milorg. app. to correct gas burnMilorganized Gas Burn; El Paso CC Tex. 10/5/5610/5/19566467
Thumbnail: Slide Title not availableCart Damage; El paso CC Texas 10/5/5610/05/19566468
Thumbnail: Water injured seaside GWater Injured Seaside; Ascarated El Pasa Tex 10/15/5710/15/19577128
Thumbnail: Cottonwood sprouts from root budCottonwood sprout from Tree Roots.; Ascarate El Paso Tex Oct 15 195710/15/19577129
Thumbnail: Tifgreen before overseeding Bent & RedtopTiftgreen Before Overseeding Bent + Redtop; CC El Paso Tex. 10/15/5710/15/19577130
Thumbnail: Verti-cutting before overseeding Bent & RedtopVerticutting Before Seeding Into Tiftgreen; C.C. El Paso Tex 10/29/5710/29/19577131
Thumbnail: Verti-cutting before overseeding Bent & RedtopVerticutting Tiftgreen Before Overseeding; CC El Paso Tex. 10/15/5710/15/19577132
Thumbnail: Applying Milorg. before overseeding Bent & RedtopApplying Morg. After Verticut; C.C. El Paso Tex. 10/15/5710/15/19577133
Thumbnail: Seeding G before overseeding Bent & RedtopSeeding Seaside + Redtop Into Tiftgreen; C.C. El Paso Tex 10/15/5710/15/19577134
Thumbnail: Topdressing after seedTopdressing After Overseeding; C.C. El Paso Tex. 10/15/5710/15/19577135
Thumbnail: Close-up overseeded surfaceTifgreen Overseeded Surface After Matting; C.C. El Paso Tex. 10/15/5710/15/19577136
Thumbnail: Watering after over-seedingWatering AFter Overseeding Tifgreen; C.C. El Paso Tex. 10/15/5710/15/19577137
Thumbnail: Temp. G used while overseedingTemporary G. Used During + After Overseeding Tifgreen; C.C. El Paso Tex. 10/15/5710/15/19577138
Thumbnail: Jack Hardin on TifgreenJack Hardin On Tifgreen; C.C. El Paso Tex 10/15/5710/15/19577139
Thumbnail: Tifgreen Close-upTifgreen; C.C. El Paso Tex. 10/15/5710/15/19577140
Thumbnail: Tiffine Close-upTiffine G.; C.C. El Paso Tex 10/15/5710/15/19577141
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