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Thumbnail: Conf. GroupColorado turf conference group there; Fort Collins Col. 9/15/5409/15/19544696
Thumbnail: Faculty on plotsFaculty group for colorado turf conference; Fort Collins Col. 9/15/5409/15/19544697
Thumbnail: Group on plotsField day group Colorado Turf Conference; Fort Collins Col. 9/15/5409/15/19544698
Thumbnail: Soil sterilization test plots & varietiesSoil sterilizant test plots; Colorado A + M Fort Collins 9/15/5409/15/19544699
Thumbnail: Saltgrass makes good Berm.  WatsonSaltgrass makes swell berm; Denver - Ft. Collins Highway 10/3/5510/03/19555636
Thumbnail: Grass variety trialsGeneral view - variety trials; Colo. A+M St. Collins 10/4/5510/04/19555637
Thumbnail: Bent Plot resist crabgrassBent plot resists crabgrass; Colo A+M Ft. Collins 10/4/5510/04/19555638
Thumbnail: Conf. Group on Irrigation PlotsGroup on irrigation plots; Rocky Mt. Conf Ft. Collins 10/4/5510/04/19555639
Thumbnail: Conf. Group on Fert. PlotsShot taken from milorg plot 30#/1000 3 apps 1 yr; Fert. plots Ft. Collins Turf Plots 10/4/5510/04/19555640
Thumbnail: Iron response Ferrous Am. Sul. & CopperaseResponse to iron; Turf Plots Ft. Collins 10/4/5510/04/19555641
Thumbnail: Group on plotsGroup On Fert. Plots; Colo Arm 10/1/5610/01/19566457
Thumbnail: Fert.plotsFertilizer Plots; Colo A+M 10/2/5610/2/19566458
Thumbnail: Conf Group on plotsConference Group On Turf Plots; Ft Collins Colo 10/10/5710/10/19577113
Thumbnail: Conf Group on plotsConference Group; Ft. Collins Colo 10/10/5710/10/19577114
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