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Thumbnail: St. Augustine lawnSt. Augustine Grass cemetery Lawn; Forest Park C. C. Fort Worth 8-6-4608/19/19461313
Thumbnail: St. Augustine vegetative plantingVegetative Planting of St. Augustine New Section Planting; Forest Park Cem. Houston Tex. 8-6-4608/16/19461314
Thumbnail: Profile sand layered gBas Sand Layer In A Bent G.; Colonial C. C. Ft. Worth 2-10-5102/10/19512375
No Image AvailableSand Layer In Seaside G.; Colonial C.C. Ft. Worth 2/10/5102/10/19512376
No Image AvailableProfiles from sand layered G2/19512377
Thumbnail: Profile sand layered GThick Sand Layer Seaside Bent G.; Colonial C. C. Ft. Worth 2-10-5102/10/19512378
Thumbnail: Seaside Gseaside Bent G.; Rivercrest C. C. Ft. Worth 2-10-5102/10/19512379
Thumbnail: F. Goldthwaite & Graw on power cartPlayers Transport Cart; River Crest C. C. Ft. Worth 2-11-5102/11/19512380
Thumbnail: Badly stratified soil profileBadly stratified soil from improper topdressing; 9 hole muny Ft. Worth 7/29/5507/29/19555424
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