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Thumbnail: Dunning designed GDunning Designed Green; Guymon, Okla. 6/26/5906/26/19598922
Thumbnail: Dunning designed GBob Dunning Green; Guymon, Okla. 6/26/5906/26/19598923
Thumbnail: Wilson taking picturesWilson Taking Pictures; Guymon Okla 6/26/5906/26/19598924
Thumbnail: Irrigating new GIrrigating New Dunning Green; Guyman, Okla. 6/26/5906/26/19598925
Thumbnail: New Dunning design courseNew Bob Dunning designed Course; G.C. Guyman Okla. 6/26/5906/26/19598929
Thumbnail: Contours Dunning GBob Dunning Green Contours; G.C. Guyman Okla. 6/26/5906/26/19598930
Thumbnail: Dunning G removes water several directicDunning design Takes Water off in several directions; G.C. Guyman Okla. 6/26/5906/26/19598931
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