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Thumbnail: Dandelion in stadium turfDandelion In Stadium turf; Univ. Idaho Moscow 5-4805/23/19481626
Thumbnail: Scene of Valley from mountain topView on road to 95 from sun valley; Idaho 9/19/5409/19/19544725
Thumbnail: Scene Sheep GrazingSheep grazing along road from sun valley to US Route 95; Idaho 9/19/5409/19/19544726
Thumbnail: Excellent K. Blue F#7. Excellent Kentucky B.G.; Sun Valley Idaho 9/19/5409/19/19544727
Thumbnail: Excellent K. Blue F close-upClose-up: Ken. BG. on #7 F.; Sun Valley Idaho 9/19/5409/19/19544728
Thumbnail: Wilson & Fagan check G profileCharlie Wilson and Mr. Fagan examine a soil profile sample in the probe, on a Kentucky bluegrass golf green in Sun Valley, Idaho, 1954.09/19/19544729
Thumbnail: Profile R roots in GDeep roots - bent green; Sun Valley Idaho 9/19/5409/19/19544730
Thumbnail: View #6 G from hill#6 par 3 100 yds.; Sun Vally Idaho 9/19/5409/19/19544731
Thumbnail: Harrison & 2-can drainage system in GPoor drained pocket in G.; Hayden Lake CC Idaho 9/22/5409/22/19544754
Thumbnail: Harrison & 2-can drainage system in GHo-made french design low spot in G.J. harrison supt.; Hayden Lake Idaho 9/22/5409/22/19544755
Thumbnail: Close-upTin can drains water pocket in green; Hayden Lake Idaho 9/22/5409/22/19544756
Thumbnail: Munzingmyet on sand GLarry Munzingmyer On Sand G.; Grangerville Idaho 10/5/5710/05/19577087
Thumbnail: Munzingmyet & BengeyfieldBengesfield + Manzingmyer; Sun Valley Idaho 10/6/5710/06/19577088
Thumbnail: Draining lines for winterDrainging Water Lines For Winter; Sun Valley Idaho 10/06/5710/06/19577089
Thumbnail: Draining lines for winter BengeyfieldBengeyfield Checks H2O Lines Being Drained For Winter; Sun Valley Idaho 10/6/5710/06/19577090
Thumbnail: Harrison & Law check bent str.W Koda04/21/19598679
Thumbnail: Harrison & Law like B-27Harrison + Law like B-27 Bent; Hayden Lake Idaho 4/21/5904/21/19598680
No Image AvailableBengy, Richardson, Emery, Munzingmeyer9/19599274
Thumbnail: Tree growing in volcanic lava flow craters of the moon nationalTree Growing In Volcanic Lava Flow; Craters of The Moon Natn'l Mnt. Oct-196110/196110582
Thumbnail: Vegetation in 1500 year old lava flow craters of Nat'l MonVegetation In 1500 yr Old Lava Flow.; Craters of the Moon Nain'l Mnt. Idaho Oct-196110/196110583
Thumbnail: Bengeyfield & Wiley view craters of the moonBengeyfield + Winey View Craters of the Moon; Natn'l Mon. Idaho Oct - 196110/196110584
Thumbnail: Lava Cones - Carters of the moon Nat'l MonLava flow, cones10/196110585
Thumbnail: Lava Cones at carters of the moon Nat'l MonLava Cone at Craters of the Moon Natn'l Mon.; Idaho Oct - 196110/196110586
Thumbnail: Signs painted on rocks near Idaho FallsSigns Painted on Rocks Near Idaho Falls; Idaho Oct. 196110/196110587
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