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Thumbnail: "Pie Green"Green Section Experimental Green; Meridian Hills. Ind. 3-18-4203/18/1942975
No Image AvailableUnsightly Dandelions Cemetery section Lawn; Crown Hill Indianapolis 5/13/4205/13/19421011
Thumbnail: Milars. plot 4x Fall-1941Milars. Plot 4 times Fall '41; Meridian Hills Ind. 5-13-4205/13/19421012
Thumbnail: Tee mostly PoaTee Mostly Poa Annua; Meridian Hills Ind. 12-5112/19512811
Thumbnail: Tee mostly PoaPoa Annua Tee; Meridian Hills Dec. '5112/19512812
Thumbnail: close-up PoaClose-up of Poa Annua; Meridian Hills C. C. Dec. '5112/19512813
Thumbnail: Good bent T Bretzlaff & ?Good Bent Grass Tee; Meridian Hills Ind. 12-5112/19512814
Thumbnail: Good Bent TBent Tee; Meridian Hills Fall '5119512815
Thumbnail: Good Bent TBent Turf Tee; Meridian Hills Dec. '5112/19512816
Thumbnail: Close-up of bent TClose-up Bent Tee; Meridian Hills Dec. '5112/19512817
Thumbnail: Red top in spike holes only July seedingClose-up: Red Top From Seed In Spike Holes; Highland Ind. 7/25/5207/25/19523212
Thumbnail: Red top in spike holes only July seedingRed Top In Spike Holes July Seeded; Highland Ind. 7/25/5207/25/19523213
Thumbnail: Fuel oil kills vegetation at tree baseFuel Oil Kills Vegetation Around Base Of Tree; Meridian Hills Indianapolis 7/26/5207/26/19523214
Thumbnail: Copper spot on GCopper Spot Wash. Bent Green; Meridian Hills Indianapolis May 20, 195305/20/19533842
Thumbnail: Copper spot on GCopper Spot; Meridian Hills Ind. 5/20/5305/20/19533843
Thumbnail: Fairy ring in GFairy Ring In Green; Meridian Hills Ind. 08/20/5308/20/19534074
Thumbnail: Fairy ring in G profile of soilSoil In Green With Fairy Rings; Meridian Hills Ind. 8/20/5308/20/19534075
Thumbnail: Silver crab apronSilvercrab in apron lead on leaves for cutworms; Meridian Hills 8-20-5308/20/19534076
Thumbnail: Layfayette Power Sod CutterLafayette Power Sod Cutter; Ind. Ind 8/20/5308/20/19534077
Thumbnail: Layfayette Power Sod Cutter stripsSod Strips With Lafayette Sod Cutter Power Driven; Indi. Ind 8/20/5308/20/19534078
Thumbnail: #18 F before Renovation#18 before renovation; CC of India Summer '5219524282
Thumbnail: Vandals burn GVandals Burn Green; Meridian Hills Indianapolis 6/28/5606/28/19566227
Thumbnail: Vandals burn GBurn Caused By Vandals; Meridian Hills Indianapolis 6/28/5606/28/19566228
Thumbnail: Sod. Ars. 3/4#/A keeps crab uprightSod. Ars 3/4 #/A Keeps Crab Growth Upright; Meridian Hills Indianapolis 6/28/5606/28/19566229
Thumbnail: Sod. Ars. 3/4#/A keeps crab uprightUpright Crab 3/4" Sod.A. per Acre close-up; Meridian Hills Indianapolis 6/28/5606/28/19566230
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