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No Image Available[Man demonstrating a Mow-Cycle riding rotary lawn mower, 1955]1955 04 15W1446
Thumbnail: Poa Triv. - Zaun Mix. - f-74 over-seedingZaun Turf Plots. C- Poa Trivialis L. Zaun Mix F74; Jacksonville Fla. 1-13-5101/13/19512330
Thumbnail: Zaun Mix. - Rye-Poa Triv. overseedingZaun Turf Plots C. Zaun Mix L. Rye Grass R. P. Trivialis; Jacksonville Fla. 1-13-5101/13/19512331
Thumbnail: Zaun Mix. overseeded different bermudasZaun Turf Plots C. -Zaun Mil. Strips of Dit-Bermudas; Jacksonville Fla. 1-13-5101/13/19512332
Thumbnail: F-74 & Merion PlotsF74 Fescue & Merion Blue Grass Turf Plots - Zaun; Jacksonville Fla. 5-25-5105/25/19512485
Thumbnail: Common & F-74 PlotsCommon & F74 Fescue Turf Plots; Zaun Jacksonville 5-25-5105/25/19512486
Thumbnail: Common Fescue dies in spotsCommon Fescue Dies In Spots; Zaun Jacksonville 5-25-5105/25/19512487
Thumbnail: Common Fescue dies in spots close-upClose-up: Common Fescue Dead Spots Turf Plots; Zaun Jacksonville Fla. 5-25-5105/25/19512488
Thumbnail: Carpet F Fert. StripsCarpet Grass F. Fert. Strips; San Jose Jacksonville 5/21/5205/21/19523082
Thumbnail: Carpet F close-upCarpet Grass F. Close-up; San Jose Jacksonville 5/21/5205/21/19523083
Thumbnail: Pat Devy & Ed Gale check Sod. Ars. spray on FPat Deavy & Cale On Sprayed Part F. Sod. Ars.; Timaquana Jacksonville 5/10/5205/21/19523084
Thumbnail: Milk PurslaneEupharbiacca Macuta Milk Perslane; Timaquana Jacksonville 5/22/5205/22/19523085
Thumbnail: Wild paspalum Bull GrassWild Paspalum "Blue Grass"; Timaquana Jacksonville 6/22/5206/22/19523086
Thumbnail: Fertilizer makes Poa bigger & betterBetter poa Annua in Fertilized part of fairway; Ponte Vedra Fla Jan 23 195301/23/19533539
Thumbnail: Tee marker sign#15 Tee Par 4 367-397 yds Tee Marker; Ponta Vedra Fla. 1/23/5301/23/19533540
Thumbnail: O.J. Noer on Photo Seat RigO. J. Noer on photo seat rig04/22/19533682
Thumbnail: Aerifying & Fert. #14 FAerifier Fert. & Mower #14 F.; Ponte Vedra Fla 4/23/5304/23/19533683
Thumbnail: Aerifying & Fert. #14 FAerifier - E-zee Flow & F. Mower #14F.; Ponte Vedra Fla. 4/23/5304/23/19533684
Thumbnail: Aerifying & Fert. #14 F3 Gang Aerifier #14F.; Ponte Vedra Fla. 4/23/5304/23/19533685
Thumbnail: Aerifying & Fert. #14 FE-zee Flow Spreader F. Units Milorg. #14F.; Ponte Vedra Fla. 4/23/5304/23/19533686
Thumbnail: Aerifying & Fert. #14 FE-zee Flow Fert. Spreader #14F.; Ponte Vedra Fla 4/23/5304/23/19533687
Thumbnail: Aerifier holes in F, Tuppin, Cale, Le MasterHoles In #14F. After Aerifying Tuppin, Cole Lemaster; Ponte Vedra Fla. 4/23/5304/23/19533688
Thumbnail: F ready to plant Tifton 57F. Ready For Bermuda Sprigs Tifton 57; Pine Lake Jacksonville 4/23/5304/23/19533734
Thumbnail: Shreading 57 StolonsShredding Tifton 57 Bermuda For F. Planting 1 A. Sod. Plants 35 A.; Pine Lake Jacksonville 4/23/5304/23/19533735
Thumbnail: Planting 57 StolonsPlanting Tifton Bermuda 57 In F.; Pine Valley Jacksonville 4/23/5304/23/19533736
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