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Thumbnail: Clover & weeds made unsightly lawnClover and Weeds make unsightly lawn; State Capitil Lincoln, Neb. July 11, 194107/11/1941753
Thumbnail: Capitol Bldg.State Capitol; Lincoln, Neb. 7-11-4107/11/1941754
Thumbnail: Capitol Bldg.State Capitol; Lincoln, Neb. 7-11-4107/11/1941755
Thumbnail: Buffalo grass lawnBuffalo Grass Lawn; Nebraska Nursery Lincoln Neb. July 11, 194107/11/1941756
Thumbnail: Buffalo grass lawnClose-up Buffalo Grass. Neb. Nursery; Lincoln Neb. 7-11-4107/11/1941757
Thumbnail: Belknap shows iron response on GOrville Belknap Shows Iron Check Plot G. Had Iron In Fung. 5 Days Before; Hillcrest Lincoln Neb 6/11/5706/11/19576739
Thumbnail: Iron stops supposed disease Fung. FailedIron Stopped Supposed Diesease Where Fung. Failed; Lincoln CC Neb. 6/11/5706/11/19576740
No Image Availableiron stops loss where fung. failed Hardwick6/19576741
Thumbnail: Iron stops damage within 1 hr. Joe HadwickJoe Hadwick Looks At Spot Where Iron was not Used; Lincoln Cc Neb. 6/11/5706/11/19576742
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