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No Image Available[Image of a sparsely wooded field in Los Altos in 1954.]1954 02 28W587
Thumbnail: #3 from TView from #3 T; Los Altos CC Cal. 4/15/5504/15/19555056
Thumbnail: #18 from G back to TView looking back #18; Los Altos CC Cal. 4/15/5504/15/19555057
Thumbnail: Careless uneven cup settingCareless uneven cup setting (Los Altos Country Club, CA - June 1955)06/19555230
Thumbnail: Compact G profile - Soil & Sand layersG profile. Soil + sand layers Compact Surface; C.C. Los Altos Calif. Nov. 195711/19577497
Thumbnail: Layered G ProfileLayered soil Profile typical G; C.C. Los Altos Calif. Nov. 195711/19577498
Showing items 1 to 6 of 6.