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Thumbnail: #2 unwatered F - dry summer#2 F. Unwatered in Dry Summer; Vesper C. C. Lowell Mass. Aug. 18, 194108/18/1941808
Thumbnail: #15 F watered clover & weeds starting#15 F. Watered Clover & Weeds Starting; Vesper C. C. Lowell Mass. Aug. 18, 194108/18/1941809
Thumbnail: Rainmobile watering #15FWatering #15 Fairway Rain Mobile; Vesper C. C. Lowell Mass. Aug. 18, 194108/18/1941810
Thumbnail: Portable pump to water #15 FPortable Pump To Water #15 F.; Vesper C. C. Lowell mass. Aug. 18, 194108/18/1941811
Thumbnail: Chlordane emulsion injury to bentSynkler Sod Injury To Bent (Chlordane); Vesper C. C. Lowell Mass. 7-4807/19481701
No Image AvailableGravely 2,4-D Sprayer8/19491915
Thumbnail: #15 Watered bent F#3 Par 4 Watered Bent Turf; Vesper C. C. Lowell Mass. 8/1/5208/01/19523235
Thumbnail: Footprints in Velvet Bent on rich soilFt. Prints On #14G. Velvet Bent On Rich Coil; Vesper C. C. Lowell Mass 8/1/5208/01/19523236
Thumbnail: Footprints in Velvet Bent on rich soilClose-up Ft. Prints #14G. Velvet Bent On Rich Soil; Vesper Lowell Mass 8/1/5208/01/19523237
Thumbnail: Footprints - soil profileFt. Printing Valvet Bent Rich Soil #14; Vesper Lowell Mass 8/1/5208/01/19523238
Thumbnail: less Footprints in soil profile sand & lower Fert.Less Ft. Printing #16G. Sand & Lower Fert; Vesper Lowell Mass. 8/1/5208/01/19523239
Thumbnail: Soil profile #2-G Sand, manure, & litt Fert.#2G. Sand and 2 loads Manure and little fertilizer; Vesper C. C. Lowell, Mass. 8-1-5208/01/19523240
Thumbnail: Symphyla insect in soilSymphyla - Soil Inhabitant Damages Turf; Vesper C. C. Lowell Mass. 8/1/5208/01/19523241
Thumbnail: Dung Beetle grubs in soilDung Beetle Grubs; Vesper C. C. Lowell Mass 8/1/5208/01/19523242
Thumbnail: G. heavily topdressed chlorotic#1 green-heavy topdressing; Vesper C.C. Lowell Mass. 4/20/5404/20/19544340
Thumbnail: G. heavily topdressed chlorotic#1 green close-up of heavy topdressing; Vesper C.C. Lowell, Mass. 4/20/5404/20/544341
Thumbnail: Verti-cut 1" depth ivery other knifeVerticut at i" depth every other knife: Then topdressed; Vesper C.C. Lowell, Mass. 4/20/5404/20/19544342
Thumbnail: Early greening in slits made 12 mos. beforeGrass makes earlier start saw tooth cracks made 12 days before; Vesper CC Lowell Mass. 4/20/5404/20/19544343
Thumbnail: G surface after Francis "Slitter" on Vesper VelvetAeration many francis "slitter" on vesper bent; Vesper CC Lowell Mass. 10/31/5510/31/19555681
Thumbnail: Francis + Nursery Vesper Velvet SeedFrancis + Nursery Vesper Velvet Seed; Vesper Lowell Mass. 7/21/5807/22/19588021
Thumbnail: PMAS Singed FPMAS Singed Fairway; Vesper Lowell Mass. 7/22/5807/22/19588022
Thumbnail: Mixed Velvet Foreground Vesper in BackMixed Velvet Foreground Vesper in Back; Vesper Lowell Mass. 7/22/5807/22/19588023
Thumbnail: Mixed Velvet Bent GMixed Velvet Bent Green; Vesper Lowell Mass. 7/22/5807/22/19588024
Thumbnail: Scalping Test on BentsNursery Scalping Test; Vesper Lowell Mass. 7/22/5807/22/19588025
Thumbnail: Two Bents withstand scalping backTwo Francis Bent Selections Withstand Scalping back; Vesper Lowell Mass. 7/22/5807/22/19588026
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