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Thumbnail: Salt Grass FSalt grass fairway Puccinella distaus; Uta Copper CC Magna Utah 9/17/5409/17/19544711
Thumbnail: Salt Grass grows in salt Broderick, Hook RichardsonPucinellia distaus salt grass F.; Utah Copper CC Magna U. 9/17/5409/17/19544712
Thumbnail: Salt Grass grows in salt Broderick, Hook RichardsonSalt surrounded by puccinelli di staus a salt tolerant grass; Utah Copper CC Magna U. 9/17/5409/17/19544713
Thumbnail: Salt Grass FPuccinellia distaus salt grass making turf; Utah Copper CC Magna U. 9/17/5409/18/19544714
Thumbnail: Salt Grass F filling over salt slickSalty incrorstation does not stop growth of puccinellia distaus; Utah Copper CC Magna U. 9/17/5409/17/19544715
Thumbnail: Graw on alta bank behind GAlta fescue on bank of G.; Utah Copper CC Magna 9/17/5409/17/19544716
Thumbnail: Conf. group on FGroup at field day meeting Salt Lake meeting; Utah Copper CC Magna09/17/19544717
Thumbnail: C-1 & 19 GC-1 & 19 green salt water covered in spring; Utah Copper CC Magna09/17/19544718
Thumbnail: C-1 & 19 profile deep rootsDeep roots green C1 & 19; Utah Copper CC Magna9/19544719
Thumbnail: Puccinellia FPuccinellia F. Responds To Fert.; Utah Copper GC Magna 6/23/5506/23/19555261
Thumbnail: Puccinelli likes N on FPulcinellia likes N.; Utah Copper C Magna 9/30/5509/30/19555608
Thumbnail: Salt in topdressing PileSalk accumulation on soil for new green; Utah Copper CC Magna 9/30/5509/30/19555609
Thumbnail: Salt in topdressing Pile close-upClose-up: Salt accumulation; Utah Copper GC Magna 9/30/5509/30/19555610
Thumbnail: Dahlgren in 1 & PG Richardson & HookDahlgren spreads into H19 G.; Utah Copper GC Magna 9/30/5509/30/19555611
Thumbnail: Milorg. at 40#/100 no chlorosisMilorg at 40#/1000 US. check 1" + 1/2" cut; Utah Copper GC Magna 9/30/5509/30/19555612
Thumbnail: Milorg. at 40#/100 no chlorosis    WilsonNo Iron Chlorosis Where Milorg. Used Merion Tee; Utah Copper GC Magna 9/30/5509/30/19555613
Thumbnail: Gathering Puccinellia seedGathering Paccinellia Seed; Utah Copper G.C. Utah 9/30/5609/30/19566451
Thumbnail: Puccinellia grows in saline soilPucinellia Grows Despite Saline Soil; Utah Copper Magna 9/30/5609/30/19566452
Thumbnail: Mat Broderick & ho-made aerifierMatt Broderick Shows Ho-made Aerifier; Utah Copper Magna 9/30/5609/30/19566453
Thumbnail: Mat Broderick & ho-made aerifierBroderick Aerifier Close-up; Utah Copper Magna 9/30/5609/30/19566454
Thumbnail: Open Pit mineKennicott's Open Pit Copper Mine 1 Mile Across; Magna Utah 10/7/5710/07/19577097
Thumbnail: Am. Nit. used to blast oreAmmonium Nitrate Blasting Copper Ore; Kennicott Magna Utah 10/7/5710/07/19577098
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