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Thumbnail: Salt water damage to lawn   Sept. HurricaneSeptember hurricane causes saltwater damage to lawn (Marion, MA - October 1938)10/193864
Thumbnail: Slide Title not availableResults Sod. Ars. 4oz/1000 on F8/1939183
Thumbnail: Chinch bug injury bent lawnChinch Bug injury Bent Lawn; Marion Mass. Aug, 194008/1940451
Thumbnail: Flowers in roughFlowers In Rough; Killansett G. C. Marion Mass. Sept. 194009/1940481
Thumbnail: Algae in Brown Patch ScarAlgae In Brown Patch Disease Thinned The Grass #15 Green; Kittansett Marion Mass. 8-12-4208/12/19421107
Thumbnail: Low G Tree RootsTroublesome low green; Meshingo Mesa C. C. Marion, Ind. 194519451275
Thumbnail: Low G Tree RootsTree Roots Make This Turf Low Green; Meshingo Mesa C. C. Marion Ind. 194519451276
Thumbnail: Low G Tree RootsTree roots make this turf Low green; Meshingo Mesa C. C. Marion Ind.19451277
Thumbnail: Localized dry spots in GLocalized Dry Spots Mixed Bent G. #18; Kittansett Merion Mass. 7/30/5207/30/19523220
Thumbnail: close-up G Velvet brown Creeping bent MoistureClose-up: G. Velvet Brown Creepers. #18G. Moisture; Kittansett Merion Mass. 7/30/5207/30/19523221
Thumbnail: Crab starts wet top of local dry spotCrabgrass Starts In Wet Top Of Local Dry Spot #18G.; Lillansett C. C. Merion Mass.07/30/19523222
Thumbnail: #3 from mound on #2 G 105#3 From Mound In #2G. 105mm; Killansett Marion, Mass. 6-19-5306/19/19534013
Thumbnail: Local Sewage Greens up turfLocal Sewage Sludge "green-up" Turf; Meshingomesia Marion Ind. May 13,194205/13/19427478
Thumbnail: #3 short hole 155 yds#3 Short HOle 155 yds; Kittansett Marion Mass Aug 22 194108/22/194113400
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