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Thumbnail: #15 from Back TFamous Par 3 Hole Frome Back Tee; Cypress Point Col.2/19491814
Thumbnail: #15 from front T[#15 short hole from front tee at Cypress Point in Monterey, California]02/12/19491815
Thumbnail: Ice Plant along OceanIce Plant - On White Sand Along Pacific O. Masambryanthemum; Monlerey Cal. 2-12-4902/12/19491816
Thumbnail: Ice Plant along OceanClose-up View Ice Plant Masambrythemum; Monterey Cal. 2-12-4902/12/19491817
Thumbnail: Bloom on Ice PlantBloom On Ice Plant Masambryanthemum; Monterey Cal. 2-12-4902/12/19491818
Thumbnail: Speciman Cypress TreeCyprus Speciman Tree; Cypress Pt. Cal. 3-12-4903/12/19491819
Thumbnail: Poa melting out in practice GPoa Annua Melting Out Practice G.; Cypress Point Cal. 11-6-5111/06/19512742
Thumbnail: #1 from T#1 From Tee 50 mm; Cypress Pt. Cal. 11-6-5111/06/19512743
Thumbnail: #1 from T Tel.#1 From Tee Teleph.; Cypress Pt. Cal. 11-6-5111/06/19512744
Thumbnail: #1 from G back to T#1 Cypress Point Par 4 From Green to Tee; Cypress Point Course 11-6-5111/06/19512745
Thumbnail: #1 from approach#1 Approach Po 4 402 yds.; Cypress Pt. Cal. 11-6-5111/06/19512746
Thumbnail: #2 from T#2 From Tee Cypress Pt.; Calif. 11-6-5111/06/19512747
Thumbnail: #2 from T Tel.#2 (Telephoto) From Tee; Cypress Pt. G. C. Calif. 11-6-5111/06/19512748
Thumbnail: #2 from Approach#2 Cypress Point Approach Par 5 522 yds.; Pebble Beach Calif. 11-6-5111/06/19512749
Thumbnail: #2 from close to G#2 Deer Left Side Par 5 522 yds.; Cypress Pt. Cal. 11-6-5111/06/19512750
Thumbnail: #3 from T#3 Cypress Pt. Links Tee Shot Par 3 144 yds.; Pebble Beach Cal. 11/6/5111/06/19512751
Thumbnail: #3 from T Tel.#3 From Tee Tele. Par 3 144 yds.; Cypress Pt. Cal. 11/6/5111/06/19512752
Thumbnail: #4 from T#4 Cypress Pt. Links Tee PAr 4 375 yds; Pebble Beach Cal. 11/6/5111/06/19512753
Thumbnail: #4 from T Tel.#4 Cypress Pt. Links Tee Tele Par 4 375 yds; Pebble Beach Cal. 11/6/5111/06/19512754
Thumbnail: #4 from Approach#4 Cypress Point Approach Par 4 375 yds.; Pebble Beach Calif. 11-6-5111/06/19512755
Thumbnail: #5 from T#5 Cypress Pt. Links Back Tee Par 5 468 yds; Pebble Beach Cal. 11/6/5111/06/19512756
Thumbnail: #5 from T Tel.#5 Cypress Pt. Links Back Tee Tel. Par 5 468 yds; Pebble Beach Cal. 11/6/5111/06/19512757
Thumbnail: #5 from 2nd Shot#5 Cypress Pt. Links 2nd Shot Par 5 468 yds.; Pebble Beach 11/6/5111/06/19512758
Thumbnail: #5 from 2nd Shot Tel.#5 Cypress Pt. Links 2nd Shot Tel. Par 5 468 yds; Pebble Beach Cal. 11/6/5111/06/19512759
Thumbnail: #5 from close to G#5 Cypress Pt. Links To G. Par 5 468 yds; Pebbple Beach Cal. 11/6/5111/06/19512760
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