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Thumbnail: Nitrate & Urea Keeps bent green in winterNitrogen Feeding Keeps Bent Green; Twin Hills Country Club Oklahoma City, Okla. Feb 12, 194102/12/1941608
Thumbnail: Nitrate & Urea Keeps bent green in winterNitrate & Ureq on Bent Grass Nuko. Keeps Grass Green In Winter; Twin Hills Oklahoma City Feb. 12, 194102/12/1941609
No Image AvailableBermuda Eliminator (Vertical mower)19471397
No Image AvailableBermuda Eliminator (vertical mower)19471398
No Image AvailableBermuda Eliminator (Vertical mower)19471399
No Image AvailableFarley Bermuda Harvester19471400
No Image AvailableFarley Bermuda Harvester19471401
Thumbnail: Farley Bermuda HarvesterFarley Harvesting Tool Bermuda Stolons; Oklahoma City 194719471402
No Image AvailableFarley Bermuda Harvester19471403
Thumbnail: Farley Bermuda HarvesterFarley Tool for Harvesting Bermuda Stolons; Oklahoma City19471404
Thumbnail: #17 from T#17 Par 4 415 yds; Okla. City Golf & C. C. 9/5309/19534119
Thumbnail: #1 F front #18 back#4 Fairway Foreground #18 Fairway Background; Okla. City C. C. 10-20-5310/20/19534195
Thumbnail: #2 F from T#2 Fairway; Okla City C. c. 10-20-5310/20/19534196
Thumbnail: #5 F front #7 back#5 Fairway Front Fert. Holds Color #7 Fairway Back; Okla. City C. C. 10-20-5310/20/19534197
Thumbnail: #7 G front #7 F back#7 Green Foreground Okla City C. C. #7 Fairway Background; Fert. Fairway Green; Rough Brown10/19534198
Thumbnail: #7 F#7 Fairway; Okla City C. C. 10-20-5310/20/19534199
Thumbnail: #10F & RNo. 10 fairway and rough; Okla. City C.C. 10/20/5310/20/19534200
Thumbnail: #16FNo. 16 fairway; Okla. City C.C. 10/20/5310/20/19534201
Thumbnail: #16F & RNo. 16 fairway and rough; Okla. City C.C. 10/20/5310/20/19934202
Thumbnail: #17F#17 fairway; Okla. City C.C. 10/20/5310/20/19534203
Thumbnail: Well fert f green Rough brown from coldGood Well Fed Bermuda F.; Oklahoma City CC Okla 10/5310/19534204
Thumbnail: Irvine & ho-made Cyclone Fert. SpreaderCyclone (Irvine) Fert. Spreader; Okla. City G+ CC 12/10/5512/10/19555721
Thumbnail: Close-up ho-made Cyclone Fert. SpreaderCyclone Fert. Spreader Ho-made On Wheels; Okla. City G+CC 12/10/5512/10/19555722
Thumbnail: Trial bents in practice G7 1+19 7 Okla CC Bent; Okla City G + CC 12/10/5512/10/19555723
Thumbnail: Okla. City Bent better winter colorOkla. City CC Bent Better Winter Color Than 1+19; Okla city G + CC 12/10/5512/10/19555724
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