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Thumbnail: Slide Title not availableLocal dry spots despite wet weather5/19481633
No Image AvailableLocal dry spots despite wet weather5/19481634
Thumbnail: Newly seeded bent rowsNewly Seeded Bent Grass In Row For seed 2# per A.; HL. Wagner Imbler Wash 5-31-4805/31/19481635
Thumbnail: Highland Bent for seedHighland Bent In rows For Seed; Wagner & son Imber Ore. 5-31-4805/31/19481636
Thumbnail: Poa Trivialis for seedPoa Trivialis in Rows For seed; H. L. Wagner Omblem Ore. 5-31-4805/31/19481637
Thumbnail: Bent in rows for seedBent Grass Seed Production; H. L. Wagner Imbler Ore. 5-31-4805/31/19481638
Thumbnail: Blooming scotch bromeBlooming Scotch Brome on Hillside A Weed; Near Cornvallis Ore. 6-2-4806/02/19481640
Thumbnail: Harry Schoth and his Alta Fescue[Harry Schoth and alta fescue field]06/02/19481641
Thumbnail: Domestic rye grass for seedField of Domestic Rye Grass for Seed; Corvallis Ore. 6-2-4806/02/19481642
Thumbnail: General ViewGrass Seed Ranch General View; Geary Bros. Klamath Falls Ore. 6-3-4806/03/19481643
Thumbnail: General ViewGrass Seed Ranch General View; Geary Bros. Klamath Falls Ore. 6-3-4806/03/19481644
Thumbnail: Preparing seedbedRoughed Irrigation Ditch & Seed Bed Grass Seed Ranch; Geary Bros. Klamath Falls Ore. 6-3-4806/03/19481645
Thumbnail: Irrigation ditch & seed fieldIrrigation Pitch i nfield for grass seed; Geary Brass Klamath Falls Ore. 6-3-4806/03/19481646
Thumbnail: Astoria bent fieldE. A. Geary Field of Astoria Bent Grass For seed; Greary Bros Klamath Falls Ore. 6-3-4806/03/19481647
Thumbnail: Ed Geary shows Fergusan B-27E. A. Geary Shows Marv. Ferguson B-27 Kent. Blue Grass; Geary Bros. Klamath Falls Ore. 6-3-4806/03/19481648
Thumbnail: Sand layered G profileSand Layer Green; Waverly C. C. Portland Ore. 9/22/5309/22/19534093
Thumbnail: Poa winter killed K. Blue OKPoa Winter Killed Ky Blue Only; Bend CC Ore. 5/5505/19555170
Thumbnail: Poa G - center winter kills#3G. Poa Center Winter Killed; Bend CC Ore. 5/5505/19555171
Thumbnail: N Response callibrated strip on FN. Response Fert Spreader Callibration; Bend CC Ore. 5/5505/19555172
Thumbnail: Fert. runoff from GFertilizer Run off from Green; Portland GC. Ore. 4/15/5904/15/19598647
Thumbnail: Bengy checks pH on GBengeyfield checks pH; Portland G.C. Ore. 4/15/5904/15/19598648
Thumbnail: original junior spikerOriginal Junor Spiker; Portland G.C. Ore. 4/15/5904/15/19598649
Thumbnail: Harvey and Donald JunorHarvey + Donald Junor; Portland G.C. Ore. 4/15/5904/15/19598650
Thumbnail: Toro Fly MowToro Fly Mow; Portland Ore Oct. 196410/196411817
Thumbnail: Toro Fly MowToro Fly Mow; Portland Ore. Oct. 196410/196411818
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