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No Image AvailableSynder, Bellm McNamara, Ets., watch graveley tractor and mow collar193426
Thumbnail: Lifting Pearlwort with forkLifting pearlward with fork on practice green (Longue Vue Club, Pillsburg PA - July 1939)07/1939139
Thumbnail: Dry Poa Annua FDry Poa Annua. Fairway; South Hills C. C. Pittsburg Pa. July 193907/1939140
Thumbnail: Dry Poa Annua F Footprints showFootmarks Wilting Poa Annua Fairway; South Hills C. C. Pittsburg Pa. July 193907/1939141
Thumbnail: C. Nuttal spot treats chickweed with MilarsSpot Treating Chickweed C. Nuttal; Fox Chapel C. C. Pittsburg Pa. May 21, 194105/21/1941684
Thumbnail: #1F before Milars. Ground Ivy bad#1 Fairway before Milarsenite Ground Ivy Bad; Westmoreland Pitts. 7-13-4207/13/19421068
Thumbnail: Milars. rough foreground - no treat behindMilarsenited Rough Foregrounds, No Treatment in Back; South Hills Pitts. 7-14-4207/14/19421069
Thumbnail: #16R - Milars. Along Edge Treated Strip#16 Rough - Treated Strip w. Milars. 500# p. A. Twice; South Hills Pittsburgh 7-14-4207/14/19421070
Thumbnail: Slide Title not available#16 Rough. Treated strip Milars. 2 times at 500#; Sooth Hills pittsburgh. July 14 194207/14/19421071
Thumbnail: Milars. rough untreated part#16 Rough untreatd part; South Hills Pitts. 7-14-4207/14/19421072
Thumbnail: Fewer woods Fert. Strip of roughFewer weeds in Fertilized Strip along edg of rough; St. Clair Pitts. 7-15-4207/15/19421073
Thumbnail: Scald dry spot on GScalded - Dry Spot Surface the wet Day Below bent A-13- Nusery A; St Clair Pittsburgh July 15 194207/15/19421074
Thumbnail: Scald dry spot profileScald Dry Spot Close-up Bent-A-B-[Nomey?]; St. Clair Pittsburgh July 18, 194207/18/19421075
No Image AvailableScald dry spot on G - profile7/19421076
Thumbnail: Topdressing TeeA Topdressing Green; St Clair Pittsburgh May 12 194705/12/19471425
Thumbnail: Topdressing Tee Matting inMatting Topdressing Into Tee; St. Clair Pittsburg 5-12-4705/12/19471426
Thumbnail: Close-up Topdressed & MattClose-up Topdressing & Matt05/12/19471427
Thumbnail: cave-in coal mine along #12GCave-in Along #12 G. Coal Mine Shaft; St. Clair C. C. Pittsburg 5-12-4705/12/19471428
No Image AvailableDry Spot under matted turf6/19481658
Thumbnail: Dave Bell on tractorDave Bill on Tractor; St. Clair Pitts. 194819481659
Thumbnail: #9F G & Club#9 F., G. & Clubhouse; St. Clair Pitt. 9-18-4809/18/19481735
Thumbnail: Tree roots kill bent in GTree Roots In Green Kill Grass Wash. Bent; Westmoonland Pitt. 9-14-4809/14/19481736
Thumbnail: McNamara & his ho-made Trap RakeTrap Rake Ho-made Model J. McNamera; Pittsburgh Field Club Pa. 4-1-4904/01/19491843
No Image AvailableThatched turf causes dry spot6/19491871
Thumbnail: #14 148 yds. from T#14 Par 3 148 yds. St. Clair Pitts. 6-15-4906/15/19491874
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