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Thumbnail: Bent F after 35 days drought#12 Bent F. After 35 Days of Drought; Portland C. C. Me. 8/3/5208/03/19523253
Thumbnail: Sand layered G profileSand Layer Green; Waverly C. C. Portland Ore. 9/22/5309/22/19534093
Thumbnail: Fert. runoff from GFertilizer Run off from Green; Portland GC. Ore. 4/15/5904/15/19598647
Thumbnail: Bengy checks pH on GBengeyfield checks pH; Portland G.C. Ore. 4/15/5904/15/19598648
Thumbnail: original junior spikerOriginal Junor Spiker; Portland G.C. Ore. 4/15/5904/15/19598649
Thumbnail: Harvey and Donald JunorHarvey + Donald Junor; Portland G.C. Ore. 4/15/5904/15/19598650
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