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Thumbnail: Crab F after Chinch bugs & droughtCrab Grass F. After Chinch Bugs & Drougth; Metacomet Providence8/19491923
Thumbnail: Chain Fence around practice GChane Fence Barrier Around Practice G.; Metacomet Providencce 10-27-5010/27/19502298
Thumbnail: Turf on renovated F. yr. BeforeTurf On Renovated F. Treated + Seeded Year Before; Metacomet Providence 10-27-5010/27/19502299
Thumbnail: Water restriction compels hand watering plugsWater Use Restriction Compels Land Water Plugs; R. I. C. C. Providence 7/30/5207/30/19523230
Thumbnail: Brown T acute water shortageBrown Tee - Acute Water Shortage; Hedgemont Providence 7/30/5207/30/19523231
Thumbnail: Stringy Poa Triv. in bent GStringy Poa Trivialis On Bent G. Patches; Ledgemont Providence R. I. 6/10/5306/10/19533977
Thumbnail: Handwatering GHandwatering of Green in Daytime; Ledgemont Providence 6/18/5306/18/19533997
Thumbnail: Plastic Soaker HosePlastic Hose Soaker For Lawn Use; Metacomet Providence 6/18/5306/18/19533998
Thumbnail: Iron chlorosis on velvet after chem. Fert.Iron Chlorosis On Velvet After Using Chem. Fert.; Metacomet Providence 6/19/5306/19/19533999
Thumbnail: Finnerty $20 bag Uganda clippingsFinnerty Holds $20 Bad Uganda Clippings; R.I. 9/11/5609/11/19566418
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