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Thumbnail: Bent lawn injured 2,4-D & 5,T2,4-D-2,4,5-T damage on bent. - meant to apply fungicide; Plant lawn Rockford Ill. 7/6/5507/06/19555301
Thumbnail: Bent lawn mowed too highLawn mowed high seaside still takes over; Lawn Rockford Ill. 7/6/5507/06/19555302
Thumbnail: Repair winter desiccationWinter desiccation spots repaired; Rockford CC Ill 7/6/5507/06/19555303
Thumbnail: Lime & phosphorus grow clover in ELime + P2O5 = clover no N. used; Sandy Hallow CC Rockford Ill. 7/6/5507/06/19555304
No Image AvailableLime & P grow colver - No Fert. in clover7/19555305
Thumbnail: Simmon, Reed & Elliot on Merion TSimmon - reed - elliot merion tee; Sandy Hallow GC Rockford Ill. 7/6/5507/06/19555306
Thumbnail: Urea burn on GUrea burn; Sinnissippi GC Rockford Ill 7/6/5507/06/19555307
Thumbnail: Urea burn on G  close-upClose-up: Urea burn; Sinnissippi GC Rockford Ill. 7/6/5507/06/19555308
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