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Thumbnail: Bell & Mascara start homeTom & Bell Start Home From Okl. Conference; Stillwater Okl. 11/5211/19523464
Thumbnail: Golden brown bermuda lawnGolden brown. winter time. bermuda lawn; U. of Okla stillwater 12/7/5412/07/19544907
Thumbnail: Noer, Price, Janes & Dunning - tray award to O. J.O. J. Noer receiving an award at Oklahoma A&M12/08/19544908
Thumbnail: Turf plots - somw dyedTurf Plots-Some Dyed For Winter; Okla. A+M Stillwater 12/4/5712/4/19577206
Thumbnail: Greenzit, DowM-819, Stayz-Green dyesGreenzit, Dow M 819 Stayz - Green + Greenzit 2x left To Right; Okla. A+M Stillwater 12/4/5712/4/19577207
Thumbnail: Conf. Group checks dyed plotsConf. Group Checks Dyed Plots; Okla. A+M Stillwater 12/4/5712/4/19577208
Thumbnail: Conf. Group Wayne JuffineWayne Huffine + Conf. Group; Okla. A+M Stillwater 12/4/5712/4/19577209
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