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Thumbnail: Turf from standsMiche Stadium Turf; West Point N. Y. 7-24-5107/24/19512555
Thumbnail: Turf Close-upClose-up: Turf In Michie Stadium; West Point N. Y. 7-24-5107/24/19512556
Thumbnail: Lavender, Kruger, Draper, Reeder on GTex Lavender, Cols Krueger Droper Reeder Jr.; West Point N. Y. 7-5107/19512557
Thumbnail: Mat in GMat Developing Aerified G.; West Pt. N. Y. 7-5107/19512558
Thumbnail: Michie stadium poor water logged turfPoor water logged turf michie stadium; USMA West Point N.Y. 11/5/5511/05/19555687
Thumbnail: Michie stadium poor water logged turfBlue grass-alta fescue thinturf; Mishe Sta. West Point 11/5/5511/05/19555688
Thumbnail: Drains in operativeDrains in operative; USMA West Point NY. 11/5/5511/05/19555689
No Image AvailableDr. Grey Dow Chem. explains dowfuming Michie4/19565843
Thumbnail: Dowfume demonstration plotDowfume Demonstration Surface 1 Treated 2 Days Before Picture; Michie Sta. 4/30/5604/30/19565865
Thumbnail: Dowfume preparing topsoilDowfume Demo. Preparing To Sterilize 5 Stockpile of Soil; Michie Sta. 4/30/5604/30/19565866
Thumbnail: Dowfume wickets hold tarp off groundDowfume Demo. Straw Filled Bags Hold Tarp Off Ground 6; Michie Sta. 4/30/5604/30/19565867
Thumbnail: Dowfume metal shields confine gasDowfume Demo Metal Shields Confine Gas 7; Michie Sta. 4/30/5604/30/19565868
Thumbnail: Dowfume Trough allows better dispersityDowfume Demo. Gas Is Released In Metal Trough 8; Michie Sta. 4/30/5604/30/19565869
Thumbnail: Dowfume Gauge meters from tankDowfume Demo. Gauge To Measure Gas From Tank 9; Michie Sta. 4/30/5604/30/19565870
Thumbnail: Dowfume Releasing gasDowfume Demo. Releasing Gas Under Tarp 10; Michie Sta. 4/30/5604/30/19565871
Thumbnail: Dowfume Field before discingDowfume Demo. Field Before Discing 11; Michie Sta. 4/30/5604/30/19565872
Thumbnail: Dowfume Starting to discDowfume Demo. Starting To Disc 12; Michie Sta. 4/30/5604/30/19565873
Thumbnail: Dowfume Garden tractor plows furrow for tarpDowfume Demo. Garden Tractor Used To Plow Furrow For Tarp 3; Michie Sta. 4/30/5604/30/19565874
Thumbnail: Dowfume Disced & cutting furrowDowfume Demo. Area Disced Garden Tractor Cuts Furrow 4; Michie Sta. 4/30/5604/30/19565875
Thumbnail: Dowfume Wickets & bags in placeDowfume Demo. Straw Filled Bags In Place 15; Michie Sta. 4/30/5604/30/19565876
Thumbnail: Dowfume Placing TarpDowfume Demo Pipes Hold Cover In Place; Michie Sta. 4/30/5604/30/19565877
Thumbnail: Dowfume Placing TarpDowfume Demo. Unrolling Plastic Tray; Michie Sta. 4/30/5604/30/19565878
Thumbnail: Dowfume Sealing TarpDowfume Demo. Seeding Tarp With Soil; Michie Sta. 4/30/5604/30/19565879
Thumbnail: Knotweed in squad C-FieldKnotweed Germinatin Practice Field; West Point 4/30/5604/30/19565880
Thumbnail: Subsoiling squad A FieldSubsoil Plowing Overall View; Practice Field West Point 4/30/5604/30/19565881
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