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No Image Available[Tee to Green view of the 12th Hole at the Milwaukee Country Club, Wisconsin, looking across the Milwaukee River, 1956]1956 08W2130c
No Image Available[A green field in arid plane with man in the background and mountains in the distance.]1956 02 13W2042
No Image Available[Man on field comparing cuts between Toro and Jacobson]1956 02 28W2045
No Image Available[Four men (Grass People) are standing in a dry field in Del Rio C.C., Tucson]1956 02 13W2050
No Image Available[Four men sitting in a red golf buggy next to tree in front of shed]1956 02W2063
No Image Available[Circular green lawn design on golf course in Canada with two golfers]1956 05 29W2116
No Image Available[Lawn with sections of snowmold testing]1956 04w2171
No Image Available[Test plot showing results of Calo - Clor, Milogranite and Topdressing]1956 04 11W2177
No Image Available[Lawn with section of snowmold testing with labels and two men observing tests]1956 04 11W2182
No Image Available[Image overlooking No.15 Fairway with 17 Green in the background and several trees off to the side]1956 05 01W2264
No Image Available[Score card holders used at Interlochen Golf Club during late April 1956]1956 04W2277
No Image Available[A hole at Northland C.C. showing cutworm damage]1956 06 21W2301
No Image Available[Large green field covered in dew bordered by trees with distant man on mower and white building in background]1956 05 03W2314
No Image Available[Obsucred man attaches bag to rear of red lawn mower]1956 05 14W2318
No Image Available[Crowd of white men standing in front of brick building]1956 09 17W2341f
No Image Available[Man driving red equipment tractor, hauling dirt, while foarding a river]1956 05 22W2347c
No Image Available[Control plots used to test crabgrass at Kansas State, examined by crowd in background]1956 10 17W2377
No Image Available[Carl Wagner standing in a green field with Lambton C.C. in the background]1956 05W2398
No Image Available[Man in suit crouching on grass lawn in front of a brick building]1956 05 14W2402
No Image AvailableMeyer Zoysia mostly cool - Season grass Noer, Bengeyfeld1/19565757
No Image AvailableMeyer Zoysia mostly cool - Season grass Noer, Bengeyfeld1/19565758
Thumbnail: Meyer plot Deteriorated Bengey FieldDeteriorated Meyer Zoysia Plot; Los Angeles CC Cal. 1/5601/19565759
No Image AvailableFootprint brown matted over wet G1/19565760
No Image AvailableFootprint brown matted over wet G1/19565761
Thumbnail: Poa triv. in Merion lawnPoa Trivialis In Merion Lawn; City Hall Palo Alto Cal. 1/5601/19565762
Showing items 1 to 25 of 904.