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No Image Available[Green, ringed by mounds and fenced in, with trees in the background]1957 03W2440
No Image Available[Collection of mowers and white sign advertising mowers made by W.E. Chandler and Son, in Tifton]1957 04W2455
No Image Available[Mowed green with two men standing off to the side by golf hole]1957 04W2462
No Image Available[Green field showing brown potash burn patches; golf hole and sprinkler in the distance with trees and sign in the background]1957 05W2465
No Image Available[Cleared fairway surrounded by trees, ocean in the background]1957 05W2468
No Image Available[Edge of golf bunker, damaged by mice]1957 05W2495
No Image Available[Golf green with delineated bent grass strains; trees in the background]1957 05W2496
No Image Available[Image of fairway from bottom of a hill, seperated by water hazard; trees and sand bunkers leading up the hill]1957 05W2498
No Image AvailableFertility - lines. line - 23 yrs ago line used as markers CC Brookline 4 - 571957 04W2531
No Image Available[Fairway measuring 510 yards surrounded by trees; patchy grass in foreground]1957 04W2545b
No Image Available[Man in suit sitting on red tractor in grass field surrounded by trees]1957 05W2596
No Image Available[Three men stand in a grass nursery; field is divided by black hose; trees in background]1957 04 02W2602
No Image Available[Four people standing in a line on a golf green; one man stands in the in the background]1957 05W2605
No Image Available[Seven men standing side by side in matching uniforms on golf course; sand bunker and trees in background]1957W2610b
No Image Available[Utility golf cart used to pull spiking and dragging equipment to aerate golf course]1957 04W2615
No Image Available[Golf fairway with sand bunker and palm tree in the background]1957 05W2621
No Image Available[Sand bunker edge ; palm trees in the background]1957 05W2624
No Image Available[A Toro mower made to look like a bull prop, next to a ramp; surrounded by crowd of onlooking people]1957 08W2639
No Image Available[Golf fairway surrounded by trees; series of artifical steppes]1957 05W2641
No Image Available[Fairway with strips of grass and bare ground; lined with trips and building in the background]1957 09W2659
No Image Available[Golf green composed of grass from two sources; sand bunkers and trees in the background]1957 09W2662
No Image Available[Man mowing grass on 1958 Simplicity Prototype; trees and building in background]1957 09W2664
No Image Available[Man on tractor pulling aeration equipment; people meander around at Park Convention; playground slide and people in background]1957W2676
No Image Available[Group of men standing adjacent to golf hole, two men walk towards hole; trees in background and mountain in distant background]1957 10W2683
No Image Available[Man holding soil sampler and golf course]1957 10W2689
Showing items 1 to 25 of 734.