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Thumbnail: Hort. Fall ColorColor in Fall on Golf Course; Carling Lake Lachule Que Fall 194719471516
Thumbnail: Par 3 ColorPar 3 Hole-Water; Carling Lake Lachute Fall-194719471517
Thumbnail: Par 3Colorful View Back To Tee On Par 3 Water Hole; Carling Lake Lachute Que Fall - 194719471518
Thumbnail: #15 from back T#15 From Back T.; LaChute CC Can. 5/26/5505/26/19555192
Thumbnail: #15 from front T#15 From Front T.; LaChute CC Can. 5/26/195505/26/19555193
Thumbnail: Ayers Aerifier & Discer - West Point SpoonsAyres Aerifier + Discer West Point Spoons; Lachute CC Que 5/26/5505/26/19555194
Thumbnail: Ayers Aerifier & Discer - with DiscsAyres Aerifier + Discer With Spike Discs; Lachute CC Que. 5/26/5505/26/19555195
Thumbnail: 2000 gal. Water Wagon Waters Greens #2 Course2000 gal Water Wagon Waters Greens #2 Course; LaChute Canada Nov 196111/196110300
No Image AvailableDual Tee9/196712126
Thumbnail: Left Side Dual TeeLeft Side Of Dual Tee; Carling Lake Lachute Que 9/6709/196712127
Thumbnail: Rigth Side Dual TeeRight Side of Dual Tee; Carling Lake Lachute Que 9/6709/196712128
Thumbnail: Tom Johnston Drinks from Spring FountainTom Johnston drinks from spring fountain9/196712129
Thumbnail: Tom Johnston Drinks from The PisserWater The Pisser Fountain; Carling Lake G.C. Lachute, Ont., Can. Tom Johntson9/196712130
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