TGIF Record Key

Below are the most common fields found in the TGIF database, along with a brief explanation of the content that field holds.

Record Number

The TGIF database number for this "work" (i.e. item). This number does not change and can be used like a "part #."

Item "x of yy"

In a search that returns "yy" records, item "x of yy" refers to the sequence in which the records from the search are arranged. For example, "item 11 of 17" would be the eleventh item in a sequence of 17 records found in that search.

Web URL(s)

The specific URL for this work as of the month/year listed. We verify these on an ongoing basis. May also indicate if the document is within a limited access website or requires additional software. Many scientific journals require institutional or individual subscriptions to access material online.

Publication Type

A parsing of the literature that allows each type of literature to be individually searchable in TGIF, or conversely, excluded from a search. These categories include refereed literature, reports, proceedings, professional literature, trade publications, popular publications, and miscellaneous and unclassified materials.


The author's name(s) as appear(s) on the work.

Author Affiliation

The author's employer(s) or affiliation(s) as published with the work (at the time the item was written).


The title of the work as published in a journal, periodical, book, etc.

Translated Title

The English title if the actual title is in a language other than English


Sectional headings within the publication under which this item appeared.

Meeting Info.

If presented at a conference; the conference details.


The title of the book or the title of the journal in which the item appears. Details volume, issue, date of publication, and pages, as appropriate.

# of Pages

The exact number of pages in the item.

Publishing Information

The place of publication and publisher.


The title of the series the item is a part of, often followed by a specific identification number from that series.


The index terms (descriptors) assigned to describe concisely what the item is about. All terms appearing here are usually listed in the Turfgrass Thesaurus. Some specialty keywords may be supplied by others, such as the Dutch Turfgrass Research Foundation, and are denoted as such.


Specific facilities discussed in the work.


Cultivars discussed in the work.

Subjects' names

A person's name, if the person is a subject.

Business names

The name of a business, if the business is a subject.

Evaluative Review

Details the location of evaluative/critical review(s) of this work in other places.


Here should be a concise overview of what the item is about. Items with a supplied abstract are denoted with quotation marks around the abstract. May instead be a "Contents Statement" (usually derived from a Table of Contents), which would identify descriptively what is present in the work. Not all TGIF records have abstracts.


Indicates the language of the published text.

# of References

Indicates the number of citations listed at the end of the item ("literature cited"). A good way to identify additional sources.

See also

"See also R=xxxx" - Links this record to a related TGIF record. This may be another item in the same series, an item which discusses a similar topic by the same author, a correction or update, a newer or older edition, a letter-to-the-editor about the item, etc.


"This item appears as abstract only" - Indicates that the original cited work itself contains only an abstract. No further information would be available from the original unless the abstract or notes field indicates something else is also present.


"Reprint: ..." - Indicates the item has been republished in the indicated location also.


Details material which is present as a part of the work, such as: "Tables" or "Figures" or "Pictures: color" or "Graphs" or "Maps" etc.

MSU Call Number

The Library of Congress (LC) classification location for this item in the MSU Libraries. If "TIC Vertical" is noted, the item is in our files at TIC. If no Call No. is listed, we probably do not hold this item at MSU.

Find from within TIC

This field indicates if the Turfgrass Information Center has a physical or digital copy held within the department.Ā